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Reopening a restaurant during Coronavirus lockdowns?

Reopening your business? Let customers know with these beautiful, free email templates.

The past seven months have been very difficult for consumer-facing businesses. Many have endured months of closed doors or limited reopenings. Thankfully, however, the transition into autumn has seen a gradually revitalizing American economy: with COVID numbers at stable lows in many former hotspots, businesses are reopening across the nation. Now that restaurants, fitness training gyms, retail stores and others are ready to welcome back their customers, it’s essential they notify their customer base in advance of successfully reopening their doors. Here’s a small business marketing tip: Gmail Email Templates can help.

Email, of course, is a goldmine for marketing and customer outreach. But small business owners are so busy that they don’t always have time or brain space to create email campaigns from scratch. That’s why, if you’re planning a grand reopening, you’ll want to use free Gmail Email Templates to save yourself time, energy, and money. Read on below to find out more.

Copy the templates of your favorite emails directly from your inbox in 1 click.

We’ll clue you in on a secret: you can use cloudHQ’s Google Chrome extension, Gmail Email Templates, to literally copy the formats of your favorite emails—right when they appear in your inbox—and use them for yourself.

Well-designed emails are must-have in any business’ marketing arsenal. But designing beautiful emails can take considerable time and money; especially considering that designers can cost $100/hour or more. During these uncertain times, that’s a hard sell for any business owner.

Instead, use Gmail Email Templates. Take that email from the delivery service you like—or the hair salon with the sassy text fonts in their email blasts, or the restaurant downtown that keeps telling you about those great pancakes they serve for Sunday brunch—and lift its design completely for your own email blast.

Gmail Email Templates copies background color, images, text and text formatting, exactly as they appear. Then, you can easily replace their images with images from your own business, and their text with copy about your business reopening. When you’re done, all you need to do is hit send!

How do I start using email templates?

  1. First, download the extension from the Chrome webstore by clicking Add to Chrome.
  2. In your Gmail, open an email that you’ve received. On the options bar in your Gmail, click the “Save To” button, and then click “Convert to Template.” A template library will appear as a popup in your Templates window. Download the template to start a new email with your copied template. Then, click on individual images or text boxes to customize it, and send it out.

Save time and reopen your business with confidence.

You’ve had enough to worry about: cutting your staff, regaining your business clientele, and trying to find ways to increase the spend ratio of each client that walks in. We know you’ve been busy—no matter if you’re reopening a restaurant, a barber shop, or a theatre—you deserve to conserve your energy. That’s why we’re offering you a small business marketing tip in the form of this free email template extension. Save time, and don’t reinvent the wheel: just use what works and carry on full steam ahead! We’re rooting for you!

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