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The Benefits of Screencasting [with Examples]

Are you tired of answering the same questions multiple times? Has onboarding and remote working become difficult due to misinterpreted instructions? And let’s not start on how product manuals are often deemed too confusing by most consumers.

If you face one or more of these problems, we’d like to introduce you to screencasting. It’s an efficient and hassle-free way to communicate your message in one sitting.

Our article explains how the tool works and explores the benefits of screencasting to help you scale productivity wherever you work.

Let’s begin.

The Basics: What Is Screencasting?

Screencasting apps allow you to create a video recording of your screen. Instead of screenshots, it lets you share audio narration to explain the steps for tutorials, feedback videos, product demos, etc.

It’s a productive and efficient way to create instructional videos that are easily accessible to the target audience. Viewers can stop, rewind and repeatedly watch the screencasting recordings as required. They don’t have to be there when you record or share the video.

It makes it easier to get your ideas across without endless back and forth.

Use our guide to learn how to use a screencasting app.

The Benefits of Screencasting with Real-Life Examples

Practical, persuasive, and personable. These qualities make screencasting an excellent solution to keep target audiences engaged and well-informed. It also saves you time and energy spent repeatedly explaining the same thing.

Learn how you can use the tool in different situations.

Create Easy-to-Follow Tutorials and Feedback Videos

Learning isn’t limited to classrooms anymore. More and more teachers are sharing online educational resources for guidance to help students study at home. Alternatively, you might teach classes virtually or have an online coaching platform.

Either way, PDFs, emails, and textbooks are not the only ways to share information. You can use screenshots and record videos of your screen to make learning more interactive. Use our tool to record demos, explain procedures and answer common classroom questions.

You can also use it to share 1:1 feedback by reviewing research papers and academic essays on screen. It saves you the trouble of scheduling private sessions with each student. Plus, it makes it easier for them to understand the full context behind your comments.

Next time you need to critique a paper, we suggest dropping the red pen and recording the screen!

Ditch Lengthy Emails with Quick Screencasting Solutions

The benefits of screencasting go beyond classrooms and coaching centers. They apply to corporate communication too.

Whether you’re onboarding or sharing concerns via email, sometimes lengthy instructions might make matters confusing. Screencasting bridges the communication gap for workforces across industries. It allows you to guide newcomers and share constructive feedback with team members no matter where they are or when they receive your email.

Some examples include:

  1. Use screencasting to onboard new employees by showing them how to set up workstations, work with collaboration apps, and more.
  2. Instead of drafting a long and confusing email, record a screencasted how-to video to provide actionable feedback.
  3. Need help coordinating with interdisciplinary teams? Make the handoff easier by showing them what they need to do instead of shooting a wordy email.

In short, screencasting gets your message across in an audiovisual way. The app work whether the receiver is seated across the room, at home, or in another country. Your carefully recorded message will help them instantly know what to do no matter where they are or when they watch the video.

This saves you the trouble of reiterating instructions or dealing with miscommunications.

Make Product Demos More Engaging

A Think With Google survey on short-form videos revealed that 59% of Gen Z audiences enjoy watching and learning from bite-sized tutorials. After that, they switch to a long-form guide and extended content. You can leverage the benefits of screencasting to create product demos and tutorials.

Screencasting can help you walk interested customers through the steps virtually. Use shorts to take target audiences from screen to screen and persuade them to make this purchase.

You’ll find that most prospective buyers will love the freedom to watch tutorials and not wait for customer support representatives to get on calls. You can use screencasting for other purposes, like answering frequently asked questions or showing the advantages of premium features.

Unlock the Power of Screencasting with cloudHQ

The benefits of screencasting pave the way for endless possibilities in academic and corporate settings. You can use it for tutorials, presentations, onboarding, product demos, and more. It’s an ingenious way to stop telling target audiences what they need to do and start showing them.

Best of all, the screencast recording allows them to learn at an individual pace without trouble. That makes it easier for them to follow along and ensure they get things right the first time.

Ready to begin? Download our Free Screencast Recording Extension today.

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