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The Do’s and Dont’s of Cold Email Marketing in 2023

Have you ever received an email from someone you don’t know or a business you’re unfamiliar with? The gold standard of email marketing often revolves around a warm audience, and while this type of reader is primed and ready to hear about your brand, business, or service, you might be starting an email list from scratch. This is where cold email marketing comes in.

If you’re starting to feel worried that you don’t have a built-up relationship with an email audience, rest assured that there are benefits to cold email marketing. It allows you to expand your reach and build your list from zero, and there are plenty of free email list-building tools that help you aggregate everyone you’ve ever come in contact with. You don’t need a big budget, and you can also be more informative since the reader knows nothing about your brand.

The Do’s of Cold Email Marketing

1. Use email templates to scale.

Since you don’t have an email list you are working from, the number of people you can reach is virtually limitless! While this is amazing, if you try to send out individual messages one by one, it’s going to take weeks. Email templates are the answer to personalized outreach at scale. cloudHQ’s email templates are perfect for newsletters, sales, holiday greetings, event emails, or common responses like pricing inquiries, help instructions, and more. There are thousands of free templates in our library, with new ones being added all the time.

2. Embrace email marketing software.

Powerful email marketing software helps you send email campaigns, track successes, and utilize pre-built email templates. MailKing is one of the best options that integrates directly with Gmail and sends messages that come directly from your account. With an entire library of email templates, you can keep branding consistent across all your team members. Plus, you can build your list from scratch with unlimited email tracking and dynamically add the recipient’s name, email address, or any other data point for a more personalized experience.

3. Open with value, and research your audience.

The only reason someone will read and respond to your email is if you provide value to them. Whether that’s diving into a challenge or pain point, highlighting a product offering, or simply offering advice, you need to add value to your cold email at the beginning.

The Dont’s of Cold Email Marketing

1. Don’t bore your reader with a terrible first sentence.

Just like how 70% of people only read the headline of an article or ad, the majority of email recipients only read the subject line and first line. The first line of your email is incredibly important, so don’t turn off your customers with these boring phrases.

Several of these phrases are highly overused sales pitch openings, so many readers will be blind to these types of first sentences. Also, some of these phrases keep the focus on you rather than your reader.

2. Avoid diving into an ask.

How would you feel if someone knocked on your door and immediately asked you for a favor? Don’t do this in your cold email marketing, either. Build value and rapport over time, and then proceed to ask for the sale or whatever call to action you were driving towards.

3. Don’t be robotic.

When reaching out to an audience that doesn’t know you, it’s best to avoid being robotic and cold. People will sense it is automated outreach and simply ignore your email. Email templates can help do a lot of the heavy lifting here with eye-catching visuals and the opportunity to personalize your communication.

Email Templates are the Ultimate “Do” of Cold Email Marketing

Now you’re all set to start sending out successful cold emails. Use templates to save time, and download an email marketing platform to keep track of your campaigns. Download cloudHQ’s email templates to personalize your communication at scale, create beautiful emails, and start building a list from scratch.

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