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The future computer – not a desktop or a laptop but cloud

When you hear the word ‘computer’, your mind conjures images of the desktop PC back home or the laptop you use at work. People you know and those you come across will probably think the same way, but here at cloudHQ, we think differently.
All the way back in the 1990s we had a vision – the vision of a ‘liquid’ computer (the term ‘cloud computing’ didn’t exist, so we used the term ‘liquid’ to describe this idea).
Our vision is happening already. Now, companies data; your data and your documents don’t exist on your local hard drive – they’re on cloud services like Google Docs, Dropbox, and Basecamp.

Recently, Dropbox raised $180 of million in funding on $4 billion valuation. Is it the return of the dot com bubble? Highly unlikely. We at cloudHQ believe that in the future, all your data will be on the cloud and more companies will migrate their data in into the cloud. In near future, everyone and every company will have some (if not all) data and information in numerous cloud services. Given that, it’s no surprise that investors are pouring money into Dropbox and companies like it.
However, the increasing amount of fragmented cloud services will pose a problem soon: similar to how, in the database world, companies had data in multiple databases from different vendors. And that is why cloudHQ has the vision to simplify management of all your data on the cloud by synchronizing and replicating data between services. Just like how GoldenGate Software solved the problem of synchronizing and replicating data from NSK Tandem databases with Oracle Database and then become the leader in database synchronization and replications, we believe that cloudHQ will become a leader in synchronization between cloud services – the services which make your ‘liquid’ computer.

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