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The Transformation Of Cloud Computing

It’s easy to see why cloud computing transformed from a convenient service to the focal point of businesses everywhere. What started as an evolution, allowing businesses and individual users to do more with internet connectivity, has now become an absolute necessity for many. Still, many don’t quite understand what the cloud is, or what it does, even if they’ve already made a habit out of using it in some way every day.

Simply put: it’s everywhere, and the cloud makes for a better online experience. For a business, however, such ignorance is often inexcusable. A business’s owners need to evaluate the way the cloud can help with storage, collaboration, and communication, and decide how their company can make the best use of those features.

Whether you’re a cloud expert or new to the whole concept, you need to have the facts straight if you want to decide what you can do better by using the cloud. We have an infographic, provided by Hillary Smith (, that breaks down the basics of what the cloud is, what it does well, where it falls short, and what to expect from the cloud in the future.



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