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Top 10 Data Breaches Of 2013

Internet security has been a common topic in the news this year, and not just tech news. As more companies and individual users turn to the cloud to store data and to perform their everyday tasks, there are many more incidents involving security breaches. Security breaches are tracked by The Identity Theft Resource Center and for the first half of 2013, 301 security breaches have been reported. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 security breaches of 2013.  

Top 10 security breaches of 2013

How to keep your data secure

In the instances above, you can see why it’s important to have the best security possible. In many cases, attackers just want to steal information, but in many other cases, they just want to cause mischief by deleting files and destroying data. Without a secure off-site backup system in place, you could lose valuable data such as confidential client information, sensitive company information, contracts, legal documents, project notes and documents, and much more.

If you utilize the backup features of cloudHQ, you can breathe a little easier knowing that your data is safe. CloudHQ does more than just sync cloud services together, it also provides a complete secondary copy of your data which can be accessed and restored in seconds if something happens to any of your data.

If you experience a security breach and your data is deleted, you can simply login to the backup account, restore your data, and continue working. If you or an employee accidentally deletes files and they become unrecoverable, you can simply grab the copy from the cloudHQ backup account, and continue working. If you have to fire or discipline an employee, you should revoke their access as they may wish to get revenge by accessing the account and deleting data. But in case of an oversight, cloudHQ is there to offer you the full protection you need when you deal with confidential and sensitive information.

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