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Top 8 Tips For Real Estate Email Marketing

A Boost to Your Real Estate Email Marketing

Digital technology gave the real estate industry a few outstanding tools to help us with marketing. Selling a home still requires the art of persuasion, so your preparation can’t be overlooked. If you’ve learned about the basics of home selling but aren’t finding the results you need, then digital could be the solution. The promises of online marketing are only within your grasp if you can wield the technology behind it. There’s a lot of tech to consider.

Email marketing is one of the leading tools for building your real estate business. The yearly statistics continue to hold this form of marketing in a place that outperforms the online world. Email messaging became effective through the evolutionary work of marketers and the fantastic strategies they’ve created. There are some tricks that you need to rely on, for there’s a high standard to achieve if you’re to make the most of email.

Here’s a video that details just what you can do with email marketing within your own email signature:


8 Simple Email Marketing Steps That Realtors Can Do Right Now

Here’s a “top 8” list of small things that we put together for you after we surveyed over 10,000 realtors nation-wide, and here’s where we saw the most impact in email marketing leading to the success of house sales.

1. Completing a Profile of Your Target Audience

Some agents fail to truly connect with their leads. There are new behavioral patterns adopted by your prospects and the access they have to web technology has changed their minds. Making a connection with them begins with learning more about the things that they’re searching for. This understanding is at the heart of keyword targeting. It’s basic SEO. The searches made by your leads reveal what they need and how ambitious they are.

Get into the minds of your leads by understanding their challenges. Think and try to list the things that you believe are making your prospect’s life difficult. For example, they can’t find buyers who’re excited about their backyard; they’re looking for a pool but can’t find the right size. Digital marketing works at its best when you identify the challenges that your leads have. You want to present your business as a solution to their specific problems.

2. Syndicating Your Real Estate Email Marketing Content

You might have signed up for an inspiring newsletter before. You’d be surprised to learn that their content is the most effective when it’s written weeks before it’s sent to you. Such marketers make us feel like they’ve written a new email and sent it to us that day. This, however, is far from the reality. The secret that works for emails is syndication.

Syndication happens when you prepare content in bulk form—prior to publishing it. You’ll often find this method used among cable series. These TV series are filmed in a way that captures an entire season in one take. The release of that content, however, could be over the span of weeks to an entire year. You want to approach your email messaging with the same reasoning. Write up an entire sequence of messages to prepare yourself. Take the time to perfect each word.

Organize your emails so that they optimize your consumer’s perspective as each batch is sent in a sequence. Decide on whether a weekly, monthly or biweekly message works best for the list of leads you’ve collected.

3. The Untold Power of a Meeting Scheduler

Getting your home buyer and seller prospects to schedule a meeting is one of the most effective confirmations toward future business. Your sole focus of mind and energy should be to achieve this goal. By adding a “schedule now” button within every email you send you give the prospect the ability to reach out to you when they’re ready while still delivering valuable content. We have to be dynamic in the way we use online content and that content has to speak worlds of possibilities.

4. Uploading Custom Real Estate Content, Video and More!

Video has become the leading content of the internet. It gains more page views, longer retention rates and enables a more dynamic message. With video you have the option of displaying photos of property, interesting home buying trends and your personal success stories. You can even upload video in your email signature.

5. Adding the Right Call to Action

Not every agent understands the power of a strong CTA. A CTA stands for “call to action,” and you need one for your consumers to take action on. A call to action is simply a request. You never want to leave your readers without asking them to take specific action. We will teach you about how a CTA should be presented and how it can schedule more leads with a button.

6. When 74 Percent of Home Sales Rely on Social Media…

It’s no surprise that 74 percent of home sellers look for their agents within some form of social media. This is how 90 percent of millennials begin their search. Think about the time that you spend on social media. Leverage that time by integrating social profiles into your email signature. Your challenge is in remaining professional in your social activities.

The endless activities on social media, however, rarely turn into the traffic you need to generate more meetings with. You can overcome these obstacles by perfecting your signature. An email signature can optimize your social media links.

Adding Social Media Links: There’s a special way of including links into your signature, and every detail matters.

Customize Color, Size and Layout: Knowing how to adjust your brand based on custom HTML is the next step. This allows us to immediately stand out with a bold message that conveys our expertise.

7. How Real Estate Email Marketing Signatures Work

What we have in store for you is a fresh, new system I use to increase my scheduled meetings. Scheduling time with your leads is essential for building real relationships. We can’t allow digital technology to distance us from human interactions. The art of scheduling more meetings from the web begins with your reputation. Consider an in-depth format to build an email signature the way I do.

Start with our simple Google Chrome extension called Free Email Signature Generator for Gmail by cloudHQ. The process begins with a Chrome extension that you can retrieve in the Google Chrome store.

Opening the email signatures’ icon and you’ll immediately find a few settings to choose from.

Add Logos and Headshots: I’m going to show you how to make the most of your logos and headshots. Remember, we have to overcome the boundaries that technology puts on our human relationships and make it personal.

8. Use Your Real Estate License Number: Use your license number to establish credibility.

Creating a major boost within your business calls for you to rethink your strategy. The method I have works and all it takes is to install our Free Email Signature Generator.  Your real estate email marketing is about to take on a new identity with you new email signature from cloudHQ.

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