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U.S. Army Selects Google Workspace for Cybersecurity and Collaboration Features

U.S. Army Selects Google Workspace as Secure Cloud Partner

U.S. Army Selects Google Workspace as Secure Cloud Partner

With the launch of Google Public Sector in June 2022, the tech giant aims to arm governments and other public intuitions with industry-leading tools to accelerate their digital transformations. As one of its first and most exciting partnerships, the United States Army and Google Workspace will partner to bring this cloud solution to military personnel worldwide.

What is Google Public Sector?

Google announced the launch of Google Public Sector in June of 2022 in a blog post titled “Introducing Google Public Sector.” As a new division inside Google, Google Public Sector will work to bring cloud-based technologies like Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform to an industry that is notoriously outdated, inflexible, and lagging in terms of innovation. In fact, some began to worry that the slow digital transformation in the public sector was causing people to lose trust in these organizations as the private sector clearly began to outpace in terms of innovation. By specifically building out programs to support the public sector, Google can help protect consumer information, train new employees, introduce legacy environments into a new ecosystem, and speed up the sector’s digital transformation.

Other U.S. Military Arms Work with Google Public Sector

Not only did the U.S. Army partner with Google Workspace, but other branches are also utilizing the new division as well. The U.S.

Airforce Research Laboratory announced a partnership with Google Cloud to help with collaboration and mission research, offering a scalable, flexible platform for pilots performing flight simulations and learning about new technologies. The U.S. Navy uses Google Cloud to modernize repairs and ship maintenance with drone-captured images. Also, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is even going as far as to use Google for the 19 million veterans who have returned to civilian life, helping to improve the usability and access of veteran healthcare systems. Overall, the exciting partnership between the two will create tons of momentum.

Why Did the U.S. Army Select Google Workspace?

When selecting the right partner, the U.S. Army undoubtedly analyzed the entire market and selected Google for a few reasons.

1. Increased Security

Security is paramount with increasing worries of international data breaches and hacks, and everyday users are becoming more concerned about their online privacy. 97% of IT leaders say they’re worried about a data breach, and 86% of consumers are concerned about what is happening with their online data and are alarmed at the amount being collected. With Google Public Sector, the U.S. Army can utilize advanced cybersecurity tools to protect users and applications from growing threats.

2. Access to AI and Machine Learning

With Google systems, the U.S. Army can increase its reliance on data and use this data to drive decision-making.

3. Increased Collaboration

With highly dispersed active military around the world, Google Cloud and Google Workspace will help personnel remain connected in real time.

Consumers and Organizations Both Demand Increased Security

With so much sensitive personal information being transferred and stored online, cybersecurity is a top concern when it comes to any online provider. To keep digital communication and documents highly secure, cloudHQ offers a variety of free and safe applications to use within Gmail and Google Workspace. From meeting schedulers to exporting emails to Google Sheets or saving emails to PDF, cloudHQ provides everything you need to work safely inside Google.

With cloudHQ’s focus on privacy and security, you can rest assured your online data is safe and protected.

How to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

While cloudHQ works tirelessly to ensure that all applications and software are incredibly secure and safe, there are also things you can do to strengthen your cybersecurity.

1. Create Backups

Continuously backup your cloud data with cloudHQ’s Backup Wizard so that it’s always up-to-date in 2 different cloud platforms (like Google Drive and One Drive for example). You can also use an like Save Emails to PDF to create local hard-copy backups.

2. Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Use two-factor authentication to access tools and applications securely. This helps protect from data breaches and hacks.

3. Only Use Reliable and Secure Applications

When you add tools and chrome extensions inside Google Workspace, you want to make sure these organizations follow the same industry-standard best practices in privacy, security, and encryption. Don’t accidentally allow an unsecured platform to infiltrate your Google account.

Use cloudHQ Inside Google Workspace

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