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What’s New in Chrome 102: Latest Google Chrome Releases

Google Chrome OS 102 entered the world just a few weeks ago and is already offering many new core features and exciting updates. With the latest enhancements for web apps, keyboard shortcuts for tabs, and more info on privacy, Google is constantly making updates to make Chrome faster, more secure, and easier to use.

Here’s what’s new in Chrome:

Google Chrome Updates

Resume Search: Pick Up Your Research Right Where You Left Off

A new feature, “Resume Your Journey,” lets you hop right back into your work. Journeys automatically organizes all your past searches and pages you’ve visited to suggest next steps.

To start, type a topic into the Search Bar, and click the new “Resume Your Journey” button in the drop-down.

Privacy: Check Out Your New Chrome Privacy Settings

The new Privacy Guide helps you understand, organize, and track your privacy settings like cookies, history, and sync — all in one spot. Google is putting more and more emphasis on privacy with the sunsetting of third-party cookies in 2023 and easier data and activity erasing.

While it’s not available for accounts under an organization or utilizing parental controls, the new Privacy Guide is nestled under More –> Settings –> Privacy and Security –> Privacy Guide.

Let Your Browser Do More With Extensions

A brand new Extensions Starter Kit turns your Chrome account into a home base for your everyday life — from saving money to managing to-do lists, use the Starter Kit for easy access to your most frequently used apps.

Find Anything Fast: New Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts save time and energy, especially when it comes to frequently visited sites or commonly used phrases. Now, in Google Chrome, you can re-order tabs with the click of a button. The average worker has 10-20 Chrome tabs open at once, and finding what you need quickly keeps your workday moving along smoothly.

To re-order your tabs using your keyboard, press Ctrl+Shift and Page Up or Page Down, depending on where you want to move the current tab.

If you’re looking to reorganize your tabs in Gmail as well, use Gmail Tabs by cloudHQ to customize your Gmail for easy visibility. It’ll allow you to sort common search queries or emails from an important person to the top of your Gmail inbox.

Work Smarter With What’s New in Chrome

If you’re one of the 3.2 billion people who use Google Chrome as their default browser, these enhancements can make your workday more fun and easier. Staying up to date on new features, utilizing email productivity tools, and making your Chrome browser work for you can help you get more done in less time.

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