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You’re 87% More Likely to Get a Meeting With This Trick


Did you know that when you ask someone for a meeting in email, you’re 87% less likely to book it when you’re not using a calendar booking system?

It’s shocking, and key for salespeople and similar professionals to be aware of.

That’s why we decided to build you a new free tool to help you book those meetings.

Announcing the release of Meeting Scheduler for Gmail that works directly within Gmail as you compose your email. It allows you to share your available meeting times with your email recipients.

Here’s a one-minute demo of the tool—followed by step-by-step instructions so you can see how it works:


How to Get Started

To use Meeting Scheduler for Gmail, start by installing the free Chrome extension.


Schedule a Meeting

Here’s an example of how Meeting Scheduler can be used in a work setting.

1. Jen Proposes a Meeting

Jen starts the process by composing a new email.

It will be just like any other email invite, except Jen will share her availability using a link:



2. Jen Clicks the Calendar Icon

To offer available meeting times, Jen clicks the calendar icon from the bottom of the email:



3. Jen Sets her Availability

Jen prefers to have meetings in the mornings, so she sets the calendar to offer open times from 9 to 11:30 a.m.:



In addition, Meeting Scheduler will scan Jen’s calendar and remove times that are already blocked:



4. Jen Inserts her Calendar Availability Link

Meeting Scheduler inserts Jen’s calendar link into her email, and Jen just clicks on “Send”.



5. Samantha Selects a Time for the Meeting

Samantha clicks the link to Jen’s calendar, and sees the only available meeting time on March 2nd is for 9am. She books it.



6. Meeting Confirmation

The meeting is added to Jen and Samantha’s calendars. Both also receive an email confirming the meeting.



Perfect for Anyone Using Gmail and Google Calendar

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail is perfect for all of you who already rely on Gmail and Google Calendar to organize your life.

The next time you schedule a meeting, you won’t need to play email tag, and you’re 87% more likely to get your meeting booked.


Install Meeting Scheduler for Gmail
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