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5 Free Sales Tools Everyone Should Be Using


You already know that cloudHQ is committed in helping you be more productive in Gmail, but did you also know that we release new products– often for free?

If you didn’t, we put together the top 5 free services that top sales professionals are using, and is maybe something that you should be using too. Let’s start the countdown at number five:

5. Schedule Email

Schedule email is necessary because we all sometimes work at odd hours. In order for you to keep things professional, your customer doesn’t really need to know that you were up until 2am finishing his proposal.

This is exactly the problem that Schedule Email solves- it lets you schedule when you want your email delivered.

Now, you can go to sleep knowing that your email will automatically be sent to your client at 8:30am, and maybe that means that you can set your alarm clock an extra hour later than normal to catch up on your much deserved beauty sleep.

4. Free Email Tracker

When you send an email to an important client, you really want to know if they’re taking you seriously. One way to know that, is if they’re reading your emails. But… how can you know if they read your emails?

Free Email Tracker will tell you when they’ve opened your email, what they clicked on, and if they opened any of your attachments. Now, you’ll know when your client looked at that proposal that you created for her– no guess work necessary.

3. Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

Want to schedule a meeting with your client, but avoid all the back and forth of finding a good time for both of you?

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail does exactly that. It only lets your client choose times where you are available, and it’s all done in one step. No back and forth meeting set up is necessary, and it’s a great way to look more professional.

2. Gmail SMS Text Alerts

This is what I like to call a “life saver service”. When you’re waiting on an email from your client, just use Gmail SMS Text Alerts, and rest assured that as soon as they email you, you’ll get an SMS text notification on your mobile phone.

This makes you more responsive. We all know that in sales, the more responsive you are, the better your chances are at gaining your customers’ trust, and therefore closing more deals.

1. Gmail Auto Follow Up

This is the best prospecting tool to make sure that you don’t let any opportunities accidentally drop.

Gmail Auto Follow Up gives you the opportunity to make sure that you keep sending out emails to someone that might have missed your previous emails.

Did you know that half of all new prospects only respond by the third email outreach? With this tool, you can send prospects follow up emails to remind them about your service and how you know can help them.


These 5 free sales tools are the ultimate tools that all professionals should carry in their arsenal. Save time, close more business, and best of all, never drop the ball.

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