Asset Management Made Easy: Synchronize Basecamp, Google Docs and Dropbox with cloudHQ

Synchronize Basecamp, Google Docs and Dropbox with cloudHQ

The benefits of Basecamp to a business can’t be stressed enough. It’s a robust web-based platform for managing projects and collaborating with different group in the organization or freelancers. Small business and large corporations rely on Basecamp, but it isn’t without its flaws.

 For example, many freelancers and virtual teams use Google Docs to create, edit, and share their work online. Some may also use Dropbox as online storage to access their files wherever they are. The problem that arises is when you tie these cloud services together; in order to view and edit documents over Basecamp, you’ll have to save a copy from Google Docs, attach it to Basecamp, download the file and then open it to review the file. To store an online backup, you’ll have to download the file and then put it on your Dropbox folder or SugarSync. You’ll end up with multiple files and risk having different versions that have different edits.

 Asset management doesn’t have to be this cluttered – with cloudHQ, you can manage all your work documents in a single interface and keep files synched between Basecamp, Google Docs, Dropbox and SugarSync. No need to download and attach files – just edit and save files directly on cloudHQ and keep your assets all in one place.

Consolidate the assets that your freelancers, contractors and team members, or even share documents and files with your clients and customers easily. CloudHQ can contiguously backup all your assets on Basecamp, Google Docs and even Dropbox or Sugarsync easily.

Try cloudHQ today for free. Visit (if you use Dropbox) or (if you use Sugarsync).

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