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Best 5 Summer Internship Application Tools


Summer break is here, the time of year that college students everywhere try nail down a summer internship.

Landing that dream opportunity almost always starts with emails, and at cloudHQ, we have a library of free tools to help you. Let’s look at the top 5.

5. Gmail Email Templates

Make Your Internship Inquiry Stand Out

Sometimes the right move is to send a standard black-and-white text email. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can use Gmail Email Templates to create an email that looks unique.

Gmail Email Templates is one of our most popular Gmail tools, and the best part is that you don’t even need to create an email from scratch. Use a free template that we give you (there are about 100 awesome freebies), or if you receive an email that you think looks good, just save that as your template and customize it. It’s so simple.

4. Free Email Tracker

Know Which Companies Have Opened Your Internship Emails

It can be frustrating to wait on email responses when you don’t even know if they’ve been read.

Free Email Tracker can help with that. By installing this free Gmail add-on, you can receive mobile and desktop notifications to alert you when that hiring manager opens your email.

Once a hiring manager opens your email, it’s a nice touch to send an email about an hour after they’ve opened it. You’ll be top of mind, and they’ll be more likely to respond back. There’s also a dashboard for easy tracking, and you can set reminders for yourself to follow up on emails that haven’t yet been opened.

Pro Tip: If you want to make sure that a hiring manager isn’t tracking your email opens (and they usually are), just install this privacy tool, and you’ll be incognito.

3. Free Video for Gmail

Put Your Face to Your Name

Most applicants will send a resume and a cover letter. But if they’re smart, they’ll use a video to introduce themselves.

Free Video for Gmail lets you record and send videos of yourself without leaving email. You can create your video, and even bake it into your email template that you created above!

Take a look at this video explaining how to use it:

2. Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

Close the deal with a meeting request

So many students forget to close the deal.

Or worse, they make the hiring manager have to find a time that’s good for both of them to meet- which is just and extra step of work that seems like amateur hour at the BAM Harvey theatre.

Closing the deal should be simple. Meeting Scheduler for Gmail is a 1-click solution that lets your hiring manager know when you’re available, and they can book you right then and there. And of course, you can include that link in your email template too (see how all of this is coming together so well?).

Here’s a quick movie that shows how easy it is to set up:

And the most important extension of all, is Gmail Auto Follow Up- continue reading, grasshopper.

1. Gmail Auto Follow Up

Be Persistent

Sometimes really CV-desirable companies get a lot of internship applications, and while competition is healthy, it can be downer if you don’t receive a quick reply.

While many students think that companies aren’t interested in them if they don’t get an immediate call back, the truth is that these companies get inundated with internship applications. That’s when being pleasantly persistent is a good way to make it known that you’re a serious candidate.

Gmail Auto Follow Up lets you be persistent in an automated way so you don’t need to send a new email every couple of days checking in with them. And the best part is that you can start the first email thread with any saved email templates that we introduced to you above (go peek at #5 again).

Take a look at how easy it is to set up:

Land Your Perfect Summer Internship

We hope these tools will help you on your quest to land the perfect summer internship!

And, if there’s something you wish your Gmail inbox would do that we didn’t mention here, check out our ever-expanding free library of Gmail productivity tools.

We have 60+ solutions (and counting) to help you make the most of Gmail.


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