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Challenges in Online Asset Management with Basecamp

When you’re managing projects with different assets in Basecamp, there’s the common issue of attaching and then downloading files to view and edit documents from different team members, contractors, clients and freelancers. When you have to save a copy locally, this poses the challenge of having many different versions of files with revisions, updates and changes that you or your peers may not know of. Documents and files from team members need to be downloaded to be reviewed and modified, and then attached to Basecamp.


A lot of freelancers and virtual teams use Google Docs, Dropbox or SugarSync to create and collaborate on work documents, but these documents can’t be sent directly to Basecamp. The increasing use of Dropbox as online storage can’t be normally integrated with Basecamp. This ‘file fragmentation’ leads to decreased productivity and unnecessary delays, errors and lost opportunities.


Businesses cannot afford to keep making these mistakes – as the saying goes, “time is money.” There is a way to manage all your assets in Basecamp, Google Docs and Dropbox – cloudHQ. Using cloudHQ, you can manage all your files and documents from a Google Docs interface, all the while keeping your files safely and continuously synchronized with your Dropbox folder and Basecamp project. It allows you to collaborate with all the groups in your company and clients and sync it with your projects on Basecamp.


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