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7 Free Chromebook Tools for Teachers and Students

Chromebook software


Are you an educator (or student) in a classroom full of Chromebooks?

If so, the Chrome Web Store is a tremendous resource for free Chromebook software you can use in the classroom.

Chrome extensions work completely within Chrome—there’s nothing to install to a hard drive, which means that extensions become critical when using Chromebooks.

We have a growing library of 100% free, and easy-to-use Chrome extensions—many that are perfect for students and teachers alike.

For example…

1. Gmail Web Clipper

Gmail Web Clipper is an ideal research tool for students and teachers.

Once installed, the extension lets you clip anything from the web and save it to Gmail as a note. From there, you can easily organize your notes using Gmail labels.

You can, for example, research an entire paper while keeping all your sources organized and recorded using the tool.

It’s also a great way to clip a draft of a paper you’re working on to request feedback.


2. Gmail Screenshot

Gmail Screenshot is the fastest and easiest way to take a screenshot, mark it up, and send it to your teacher or a student.

It works completely within Chrome—and the screenshots never need to be saved to a hard drive.


3. Gmail Notes

Gmail Notes lets you highlight text or images in Gmail messages and add notes to them.

You can keep the notes private just for your use. Or you can share them if you choose.

This is a great way to answer specific questions in an email thread—or to give feedback about projects and assignments.


4. Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

Hate back and forth emails trying to find a good time for a meeting?

Make it easy by sending a Meeting Scheduler link with available times on your calendar. You can even change your availability on the fly.


5. Share Email as Link

Need to reference a previous email? Send a link to the email using Share Email as Link. It’s as simple as sharing a link from Dropbox or Google Drive, but for Gmail.


6. Free Screencast Recording for Gmail

Using Free Screencast Recording for Gmail, you’ll be able to record “voice over” videos while recording your screen.

There is no easier way to ask a question or give detailed feedback than this type of video. Like many of our tools, it works completely within Gmail.

You do not need to save the video to your hard drive before sending.


7. Free Video Email for Gmail

Free Video Email for Gmail is similar to screencast recording, except it records a video from your webcam instead of recording your screen.

This is also a perfect way to send messages, questions, or encouragement via a quick video in email.


Want to see even more free Chromebook software you can use in the classroom?

Visit our full (and growing!) library of free extensions for more.


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