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If These 3 Things Happen, Forward Your Emails in Bulk


Sometimes, you need to forward ALL your email—all at once. Other times you need to forward dozens or hundreds of emails in a batch. If any of these things happen to you, having an easy way to forward multiple emails at once will be a lifesaver.


1. “You’re Hired!”


You’ve been quietly pursuing a job at another company. It’s a big step up for you, and you just got the call with a job offer.  Depending on your role, it might be a huge help to forward all your old work emails follow you to your new job. That way you can take all your contacts and conversations with you to the new position.


2. “Hey New Guy, Catch!”


You’re a Sales Manager who just hired a new inside sales rep that will inherit older clients. You need to get him up to speed quickly on several key accounts. One of the fastest ways to get him going will be to forward him all the emails hiding in your inbox related to those clients.


3. “Send Me Everything On That”


A project you’ve been working on gets stuck (for no fault of your own), but you know that your boss can give you great advice to push it through. You meet with her and explain the situation. An hour later, she sends you an email asking for everything you have on the project.

It’s going to take hours to pull everything together. And you’ll need to find and forward dozens of different emails to your boss.


What They All Have in Common

In all of these scenarios, you’ll be forwarding dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of emails all at once. With most email clients (including Gmail), there’s no native way to forward emails in bulk. If you have to forward the emails one by one, it’ll be a mindless task that will take you hours.


Save Hours the Next Time You Have to Forward Emails

You never know when you’ll need to forward a batch of emails all at once.

But if you install Multi Email Forward for Gmail today, the next time one of these scenarios happens to you, the task will take minutes, instead of hours.


Install Multi Forward for Gmail
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