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How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail, at Once

Multi Email Forward

Multi Email Forward


Email houses a goldmine of information about your job, and the average worker spends 3.1 hours a day in their inbox. When you’re headed to a new job, you want to use multi-email forwarding to save time, create consistency, and stay organized when saving your old communication. cloudHQ provides a Google Chrome extension to bulk forward emails, allowing you to forward hundreds to thousands of Gmail messages seamlessly.

Benefits of Multi Email Forward

Saves Time

Imagine going through your email box message by message, hitting “Forward.” Not only will this potentially take hours or even days, but it’s also incredibly mind-numbing and draining. When your brain gets stuck in a monotonous task, you can also easily make mistakes. Research shows that the mind wanders when performing repetitive tasks, causing you to make silly errors and potentially leave important emails behind.

Creates Consistency

Sometimes, it’s confusing to click into individual emails and try to gain context for a past situation. For example, if you’re moving over project ownership to your replacement, you might need to forward a ton of emails at once related to a certain topic. Instead of individually digging through your email to find important messages, using multiple-email forwarding can create consistency and leave no detail left behind.

Stay Organized

You might have sales talk tracks, customer communication, or strategy info that you want to bring to your new role and make a splash right off the bat. You can quickly organize this communication for your new job by forwarding multiple emails in Gmail at once. For example, if you have different projects saved under different Gmail labels, you can forward multiple emails in Gmail, so they arrive neatly in your new inbox. You can also stay organized with customer receipts, invoices, or lead lists, which your new job might want you to bring over.

Maintain Better Records

Maybe you need your past email communication for legal reasons, tax purposes, or financial planning. Without a quick way to forward potentially hundreds of individual messages, it’s going to be tough to maintain consistent record keeping. Especially when it comes to tax time, or you have a legal situation to navigate, you want to have meticulously kept records and key communications stored safely. Multi Email Forward allows you to maintain better records.

How to Use cloudHQ’s Multi Email Forward

In just a few quick steps, you can forward a selection of emails, an entire Gmail label, or your entire email account. For any professional using an “” address or an email hosted by G Suite / Google Workspace, once you’ve installed cloudHQ’s Multi Email Forward, a Chrome extension on the Google Chrome Web Store, you can start forwarding as many emails as you want in just three clicks.

Simply select the emails you want to forward, click the new forward icon button at the top of your Gmail inbox, and enter the recipient’s email address. As soon as you hit “Forward Emails,” the new inbox will start receiving your emails. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

If your computer access gets cut off once you leave your job, you can even log out of your Gmail account, close your browser, and shut down your laptop, and the emails will still arrive in the recipient’s inbox. cloudHQ’s Multi Email Forward runs in the cloud, so you’ll never risk leaving important documents behind.

Multi Email Forward is the best solution for anyone leaving a job, onboarding new employees, saving important emails for reference, or forwarding communications to a legal team or accountant. Don’t leave behind important emails or run out of time forwarding all these messages.