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Free Lesson Plan Templates for Teachers: Back-to-School

Free Lesson-Planning Resources for Teachers

Want to start the new year with a series of customized teacher resources and learning materials? Look no further than these free Google Docs templates. Accessing these lesson plan templates is easy. Simply visit the Chrome web store and add the Google Templates extension to your Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. Once you install the template library to your device, use the Google Docs drop-down in the Google Drive menu to access the cloudHQ template library.

Created by professional designers, these royalty-free pages are free to use and distribute. They are also easy to adapt to your specific lesson plans and are a fun way to promote classroom and other educational activities. Scroll to the templates for educators and select those that interest you the most. Once downloaded, you can use Google Docs to incorporate your specific classroom information and requirements before distribution.

Get Back-to-School Lesson Plan Templates

Here are eight useful templates for teachers to access and use throughout the school year:

1. Lesson Plans

Why stick with boring black-and-white documents? You’re already competing for kids’ attention spans when they’re gaming with Playstation 5 and VR headsets. Spice it up with lesson plan templates that are colorful and easily editable.

Choose a basic Lesson Plan template to detail the information you need, or select one of the themed templates to match your subject or class requirements. There’s themed Math, Science, History, English class, and much more. Additional options include a schedule template to ensure classroom discussions and assignments and stay on track. You can even select a template with a section for evaluating student progress.

Lesson plan examples for elementary school teachers include templates for science and history classes, with illustrations and available space to note key facts. The planning template for group reading sessions is one of many useful lesson plan examples. Teachers not only observe students’ reading progress using this document, but they can also note any troublesome words and gauge progress before and after the reading exercise.

Use these templates for planning purposes or hand them out to your students as guides. Specifying the required materials and leaving space to note the objectives and homework assignments for each lesson helps convey your expectations to your students.

2. Teacher Checklists

Never worry about missing a key learning target or overlooking lesson objectives again. The checklist templates are a valuable resource for teachers who need to organize their content in advance of their classes. Options include single lesson checklists with sections for defining objectives, materials, and requirements or a checklist that encompasses all the subjects you intend to cover. These are ideal for elementary school teachers responsible for multiple subjects.

3. Meet-the-Teacher Introductions

What better way to start the school year than through a personalized teacher introduction? Included in the Google Docs lesson plan templates are several formatted documents you can customize to ensure a memorable first impression with parents. You can also use these templates to introduce yourself to your students in a fun, more creative manner.

4. Classroom Activities

Downloadable activities templates provide your students with visually appealing structural guides for learning and retaining information. Provide these activity sheets ahead of time to ensure that students show up to class with the required materials and are prepared to learn your day’s lesson.

5. Teaching Schedules

You can use the downloadable grid template to block off teaching times and identify goals and objectives in advance of your class.

6. Academic Newsletters

The newsletter templates ensure you keep the lines of communication open with your students’ parents. Let them know what is happening in the classroom weekly or detail your expectations for an upcoming project. Templates are ready to use for back-to-school messages as well as to promote school activities such as academic clubs and PTA updates throughout the year.

7. Classroom Announcements

Need to let your parents know about any upcoming event, such as picture day or a field trip? You can customize the Google Docs templates to announce important dates and get your students excited about upcoming events.

8. Parent-Teacher Conferences

Customize the parent-teacher conference checklist to ensure you cover everything you want to discuss during this valuable one-on-one time with parents. There is even space to take notes, so you have a written record of your conversation and goals in a single, documented place.

Unlimited Benefits

Even if you do not see a need for every template on this list, quick integration of the Google Docs templates provides a free resource for teachers to access professionally designed, customizable pages for educational use. Elementary plan examples, teacher plans, and subject-specific sheets are a fun and creative way to ensure your students stay on track and are adequately prepared for the subjects you plan to cover throughout the school year.

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