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Get It While It’s Hot 🔥! Our Annual Black Friday Deals for 2020 Are Here

It’s that time of year again: Black Friday Deals!

Which means that you can again save over $500/month during our annual “all-you-can-eat” Black Friday Deals for 2020.

Signing up will give you access to the premium version of every single one of our 75 productivity tools for just $54.99/month. You’ll be able to supercharge your business with everything you’ll need. Take a look:

Here’s a look at 12 of the top products you’ll receive when you sign up for this limited-time offer:

1. Multi Email Forward for Gmail

Onboarding new employees and need to get them caught up on important projects they’ll be taking over?

Multi Email Forward is the easiest way to move emails from one account to another in just a few clicks.

Simple, safe, and secure, Multi Email Forward works in the background, saving you the hassle of manually forwarding conversations and emails one by one within Gmail.

It’s also the easiest way to securely archive emails any time you need to close an account when someone leaves your company.

2. Gmail Email Templates

Create professionally designed templates from the comfort of your Gmail inbox.

You can also create a new template from scratch and use it on demand for any future email with just a few clicks.

You can also copy any design from any email you’ve received in Gmail, edit it to make it your own, and save it as a template you can use for events, special offers, or your regular customer newsletter.

3. Save Emails to PDF

This lets you save and send your emails as one PDF file.

The premium version lets you save as many emails as you want—and encrypt and password protect them too.

It’s a simple way to securely save sensitive information like employee records, legal communications, or important notes about client projects.

4. Email Signature Generator

Don’t leave your company’s branding to chance!

Create clear messaging with email signatures for yourself, and your whole team, in just seconds—then manage their use with built-in G Suite admin integration.

5. Email Tracker

Work in sales or recruiting and want to know if someone opened your email?

Email Tracking for Gmail is a one-click solution that adds a simple tracking pixel to your emails.

It will then ping you the moment the recipient opens your email—that way you know if they’re just ignoring you.

6. Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

Stop wasting time going back and forth trying to find the right time for a meeting.

With Meeting Scheduler for Gmail, you can easily share your calendar with just a single click.

You can set standard times to be available, and you can quickly customize your availability based on the person you’re sending an email to.

Everything works directly from Gmail and is 100% integrated with your Google Calendar.

Book meetings with only one email. Say goodbye to email “tag game” for scheduling appointments – do everything with one email and one click.

7. Gmail Copilot

Get an instant snapshot of all emails and conversations you had with someone every time you open an email from them.

Gmail Copilot is a mini CRM that provides a report your email contact’s profile information and any past emails conversations you’ve had with them.

8. Gmail Label and Email Sharing

Gmail Label and Email Sharing is the ultimate Gmail collaboration tool. With one click, you can share a Gmail label in the same way you would share a folder in a cloud-based storage solution like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Thousands of Gmail users use Gmail Label and Email Sharing to collaborate with people within their company and with outside partners.

No more lengthy forwarding threads! With Gmail Label and Email Sharing, everyone on your team can stay up to date—automatically.

9. MailKing: Email Campaigns for Gmail

MailKing turns your Gmail inbox into a fully-featured email campaign broadcast system that’s perfect for keeping in touch with customers, prospects, or subscribers.

This is unique because it sends from your personal Gmail account (instead of a separate email system that simply lists your email address as the sender).

That means you’ll get better delivery rates, better open rates, and better results overall!

10. Gmail Auto Follow Up

Never again let a conversation drop just because you forgot to follow up.

Gmail Auto Follow Up helps you follow up with your clients, prospects, coworkers, or anyone! Just set up a sequence of emails to send to your prospects over time from your Gmail with the click of a button.

11. Export Emails to Google Sheets, CSV, or Excel

Powered by artificial intelligence, Export Emails to Google Sheets, CSV, or Excel can parse and export a wide variety of data from your email. Get reports of:

And those are just a few examples. Any type of message you receive on a regular basis can be parsed and exported to Google Sheets, CSV, or Excel.

Here’s a simple example showing how to export sales information from your inbox in just a few clicks:

12. Email List Builder

Email List Builder will quickly create an email list of all the people you’ve ever had contact with in your Gmail account.

In seconds, you’ll have a list of all your contacts that you can use for:

  1. Email campaigns
  2. Sales outreach
  3. Partnership opportunities

Email List Builder can also be used to continuiously update your list every time you interact with a new contact.


Black Friday Deals for 2020: Get All 75 Premium Tools Included!

In addition to the 12 tools highlighted above, you’ll receive premium access to every single one of cloudHQ’s 75 Gmail productivity tools—a savings of over $500!

We only offer our all-you-can-eat Black Friday special once a year, and the deal won’t be available for long.

Sign up today before it’s too late!

*Pricing valid November 26-December 1, 2020.
*Offer valid to residents of the United States and Canada.
*Offer excludes MailKing text campaigns, Gmail Phone by cloudHQ, and Send your email to SMS Text by cloudHQ.

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