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NEW: Reply to Emails Using Text Messages


We love to tear down barriers to productivity at cloudHQ.

Today we’re pleased to announce a new feature update to our free tool: Send Your Email to SMS (text).

Now, instead of just sending emails as text messages (as you could in the past), you can now receive text messages as emails as well.

Here’s how it works:


Send and Receive Gmail Text Messages

Once you’ve installed the free Chrome extension, click the phone icon to enter the phone number you’d like to receive your message:

Then send your email as you normally would. As before, the recipient will receive an SMS text message with a link to your email.

Now for the new part.

Instead of going into his or her email to reply, your recipient can now simply reply back via text message:


When they click send, their text message will be routed to your Gmail inbox:

How We’re Using Two-Way Gmail Text Messages Internally

For us, email, texts, and Skype calls are just a way of life as we work to get things done.

Send Your Email to SMS (text) helps us prioritize.

If Naomi has something urgent she wants to send me, she can send me an email-as-text-message—because she knows that’s the fastest way to reach me.

With this new ability to respond by SMS, I can respond to her immediately—without getting pulled into the time black hole that is my inbox.


Choose to Be More Productive

Using text messages can help you prioritize the truly important messages you send at work. They also keep you focused by removing the need to get pulled into your inbox to respond.

The extension is free to install for anyone using Gmail.


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