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Halloween Email Campaigns Are Easy With MailKing

Email marketing that’s spooky, but mystery-free.

Halloween has sprung upon us and it’s scaring us half to death! But fear not: if you want to send your customers dark and magical Halloween email marketing campaigns, look no further than MailKing, cloudHQ’s full-service digital campaign management system. Equipped with email templates, email tracking, link tracking, video compatibility, and more, you’ll have exactly what you need to spellbind your client base!

Of course, with so little time left to send out your bulk emails, you’ll need the quickest possible way to create something absolutely ghastly. Thankfully, with MailKing, you can transform the best emails that have passed through your inbox into customizable templates that you can remodel for your own business within seconds. Watch the video to find out more.


Try this secret tool for your Halloween email campaigns

MailKing features a lot of unique tools to help you get the word out about your Halloween discounts. One tool in particular, however, is especially eerie: you can copy the formatting from any email you’ve received in your inbox—including exact fonts, spacing, images, and text boxes—and rewrite that email using your own information. Are you spooked yet? Let’s explain why it’s such a great addition to your marketing arsenal.

1. It’ll save you time.

Don’t reinvent the wheel: there’s no need to start from scratch when your deadline is looming. All you need to do is remember an email that you received that you really liked the look of. Then, save it as a template; repopulate the text boxes with your own lines; insert new images where the old images are, if need be; and the email is now yours. Obviously, with fonts predesigned and spacing predesigned, your email will look professional.

2. It’ll save you money.

Marketing pros and graphic designers cost money. But why waste money when you can do it yourself—using designs created by marketing pros and graphic designers?

3. It’s gonna look SCARY GOOD.

If it worked for them, it’ll work for you. The emails whose looks you love are available for your use.

4. You’re gonna want to use it again after Halloween.

This isn’t just for pumpkin season. The holiday season is here, and most likely, you’ll be using this tool to copy your favorite Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day promotions.

Are there limits to using MailKing? I want to send my Halloween email campaigns to as many people as I can.

We designed MailKing so that emails send directly from your email address—not through a third party service—to achieve higher open rates. So naturally, Google limits the number of emails that you can send from each email address to about 2,000 per day with Gmail send limits.

Of course, when you use a larger email marketing software system, your email goes through outside servers like Amazon, leaving the Google ecosystem. The downside to that route? Your emails are at risk of being counted as “promotional” by the Google servers, and oftentimes, they don’t show up in your recipients’ main inboxes.

MailKing avoids that problem by respecting Gmail send limits. That way, you can reach your audience.

How do I get started sending Halloween email campaigns?

Follow these instructions to get started with your email campaigns today.

  1. Install MailKing here by clicking Add to Chrome.
  2. In your Gmail, open an email whose formatting you want to copy. Click the Save To button on your Gmail options bar, and in the short dropdown menu that opens up, choose Convert to Template.
  3. The email template will show in a dialog box, entitled “Browse Templates,” that opens up. Hover your mouse over the newly created template option and click the button that appears furthest to the left: Use this template.
  4. A new message composition window will open with the original email now available for your customization. Customize your template by changing the words and images to suit the needs of your Halloween email campaign.
  5. Next, click the MailKing button in your composer window’s options bar: it’s a blue button showing a white chess piece. This opens a new email campaign in MailKing.
  6. First, name your email campaign. (This is just for your reference; it is NOT the same as the Email Subject Line which your recipients will see in their inboxes.)
  7. Add your recipients. You can either add recipients manually by clicking Add and entering email addresses, or you can choose one of three options for uploading a list of contacts all at once: Import from Google Spreadsheet; Upload from CSV, or Excel; or Import from Google Contacts. Remember that you can only personalize your campaign with merge tags if you select one of these options. (You can’t personalize if you manually enter email addresses.)
  8. Choose the “From” name for your emails. This is the name that will show who has sent the campaign. (Choose your business name, your personal name, your event name, or anything else!)
  9. Choose your email subject. Cut through a noisy inbox with something snappy!
  10. Above the “From” name, you’ll see two tabs: Edit and Preview. Click Preview. Here, you’ll be able to view your campaign as your recipients will see it. To the right of the “Email Subject Line” box, notice the dropdown box with options “Desktop” and “Mobile.” You can switch between these two options to see how your campaign shows up on a computer versus a phone. If necessary, make changes to your formatting based on what you see.
  11. If you want to alter the template by manipulating the HTML and/or CSS code, use MailKing’s built in HTML editor.
  12. Check the box to confirm that you understand Gmail send limits. Then, click send!
  13. Once the campaign is sent out, you can view the results by clicking on the name of the campaign in your MailKing dashboard. You’ll be able to see each email, tracked for email opens and link clicks.

Don’t be a zombie! Take advantage of this email marketing tip now.

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