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Happy Thanksgiving Email Templates

Thanksgiving Email Templates

One of our favorite things is offering our customers ways to make their lives easier and their workday faster and more productive. With Email Templates by cloudHQ, you can use any of our 1000+ email template library, or build beautiful email designs in just a few clicks. This free Chrome extension used by over 100,000 people further enables you to duplicate any email you received, and lets you customize it to make your own. When designing your own email template, you can use any of the free stock photos we provide, or upload your own template from an email marketing software like Mailchimp. Our professionally-designed email templates are perfect for holiday wishes, sales, newsletters, party invitations, event emails, or common customer responses.

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Black Friday Sales

You can use these Thanksgiving email templates in a variety of ways for this specific holiday. Use them to loudly announce your Black Friday sales in advance, on the day of, and on Small Business Saturday as well. Make sure any discount codes or sales are in the headline of your email as well as the subject line.

Cyber Monday Discounts

Research shows that consumers aren’t just shopping on Black Friday anymore; 77 million people shop on Cyber Monday, and it has quickly gained popularity, thanks to the rise in e-commerce. Our email templates make it easy to schedule communication with your customers all weekend long. Use pre-made email templates to create click-through worthy email marketing material in minutes!

“Happy Thanksgiving” to Customers

It’s important for your customers to feel like you are thankful for them. Create a unique email and quickly send it to customers on Thanksgiving, wishing them a happy holiday with friends and family. It’s a little gesture that goes a long way, and you can also sneak in some previews of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and deals.

Thanksgiving Email Marketing Software

With MailKing’s email marketing software, you don’t even need email templates if you don’t want to! MailKing is a premier email marketing software platform that allows you to send both text and email communications. Use these for Black Friday sales notifications or early Christmas discount codes that you want to blast out to your customers. It’s uniquely built to integrate seamlessly with Gmail, so all email communication looks like it’s coming from you, which increases your open rates.

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New to Email Marketing Campaigns?

If you don’t have an email list yet because you’re a first-timer, you can still partake in sending your customers a Thanksgiving email; whether that be to promote your Black Friday Sale, or just to wish them a happy Thanksgiving, there are two ways to accomplish getting a decent email list:

  1. Download your contact list from LinkedIn.
    Not many people are thinking to do this, but every contact of yours allows you to have their email address, so use it. Here’s how to download them.
  2. Download every email address that’s in your Gmail inbox.
    Email List Builder by cloudHQ goes through your entire Gmail inbox, extracts any email addresses that it can find, and organizes them for you in a Google Sheet. You can then use that Google Sheet as your Thanksgiving email list.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family to Yours!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our customers, partners, friends, and family! We’re so thankful each day for you and your support, and we’re thrilled that — because of you — we’re able to continue our mission of changing the world, one productivity app at a time. So, when we count our blessings, we count all of you twice!

Over this year, we’ve been blessed to offer more than 60 email productivity apps with solutions for Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Dropbox, Microsoft 365, and Box. Millions of customers worldwide are changing their lives with productivity apps like exporting emails to Google Sheets, saving emails to PDF, Gmail label sharing, multi-email forward, email signatures, backups, and more. Your positive feedback and love for our product keep us going on tough, busy days!

We’re so excited for you to continue reading our blog for the latest productivity tips and tricks. We’re so grateful to you, and we hope you enjoy this food-filled day with friends and family.

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