How To Get Salesforce Contacts Into Your Google Contacts

Get Salesforce Contacts Into Your Google Contacts

You store sales contacts in Salesforce.

But you send emails from Gmail.

Wouldn’t it be great if Gmail had direct access to Salesforce, all the time?

Now it can.

Sync Salesforce Contacts into Google Contacts

We’re proud to announce a new Chrome extension that automatically transfers Salesforce contacts into Google Contacts.





The extension works in the background, monitoring changes in Salesforce. If you add a new contact in Salesforce, the extension will pull the contact into Google Contacts automatically.

No manual syncing. No double entry. And no more need to copy and paste info from Salesforce into Gmail.

Just set up the extension, and your contact data will be there, ready and available whenever you need it (including on mobile).

Make Life Easier on Mobile

The true power of Sync Salesforce Contacts to Google Contacts is for salespeople who constantly work from their phones.

The extension puts your Salesforce information into your phone’s memory, not just the Salesforce cloud, giving you access even if you’re not connected to the internet.

With Sync Salesforce Contacts to Google Contacts, a sales rep can easily:

  • Find and access all contacts from within Gmail or Google Contacts (without having to access Salesforce directly)
  • Store Salesforce contact locally on a phone or mobile device
  • Autofill the “to” line when using Gmail to send a message to anyone from the Salesforce contact list

For Sales Reps on Mobile Devices, Gmail Is King

For sales reps, the mobile phone and Gmail are the kings when talking with clients and customers.

The Gmail app is the best email app available on mobile. It also runs on less bandwidth than the Salesforce app, saving you both battery and data usage.

Whether you’re working from your phone or any other device, Sync Salesforce Contacts to Google Contacts will give you access to all your Salesforce contacts, any time you need them.


Sync Salesforce Contacts to Google Contacts
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