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How to Send Happy Easter Greeting Cards

Spreading joy and enjoying the holidays with your loved ones is such a special feeling, that we think you’d enjoy sending happy Easter greetings. Sending a special Easter card is easy to do with our highly curated selection.

Take a look at this short video and feel free to select one of our cards below!

Get Your Easter Cards

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A large issue with sending an ecard is that it has to go through a 3rd party site like Hallmark, or American Greetings, etc. While your wishes are genuine, going through a 3rd party site means that your card can get caught in spam, or simply that your email receiver experiences difficulty receiving your Easter card by having to click on a link just to receive their card.

Instead, we offer you an email template that you get to keep, edit as you see fit, and send directly from your email address. It’s a simple solution that eliminates any 3rd party sites, and your Easter wishes arrive in your email recipient’s inbox just as a personal email that you send them. Our Easter cards are just as beautifully designed as professional greeting cards, but we let you send it directly. Hallmark’s tagline is “When you care enough to send the very best,” but we opt to alter that tagline and say “When you care enough to send the very best, without any negative experiences about collecting your email recipient’s information and giving you full autonomy over your Easter greeting delivery.” Okay, so maybe we should work on shortening our tagline, but you get the idea. =)

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