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Instructions to setup sync between Dropbox and Basecamp

With cloudHQ, all of your Basecamp projects attachments and messages can be stored on Dropbox secure servers and on your computer (PC or Mac). Furthermore, when you add or modify a file on your local hard disk, it will be automatically uploaded into a Basecamp project. No more worrying about whether your local copy is different from one in your Basecamp project. And, last but not least, you can access all your Basecamp projects directly from your mobile phone via Dropbox mobile application.

Here are short instructions how to setup sync between Dropbox and Basecamp:

Sign Up to cloudHQ

If you are a new cloudHQ user click “Sign up Now” button.

Select “Use Google Gmail ID” to create an account using your Gmail account. Or Select “Use Google Apps Domain” if you have Google Apps domain.

Click “Create Account” button.

Now, you will be forward to Google page asking you to allow cloudHQ to learn your Google account email.

Start synchronization wizard

After you are logged into cloudHQ, you will be asked whether to setup sync. Click on “Yes”. 

The first step is to add Basecamp. Click on “Basecamp” image button to add Basecamp service to cloudHQ.

Now you will be forwarded to page asking you for Basecamp credentials. 

After successful authorization, you need to specify which Basecamp projects to sync.

To synchronize only Basecamp attachment, select Basecamp folder “Files”. This folder contains all project attachments.

At this point, Basecamp is configured.

To add Dropbox, click “Droopbox” image button to add Dropbox service to cloudHQ.

cloudHQ will redirect you Dropbox page to authorize cloudHQ to access your Dropbox account.

After the Dropbox is authorized, you need to specify Dropbox RSS feed of your Dropbox account.

To find you RSS fee, do to, select “Events” tab, and click “Subscribe to this feed” button:

Click “Copy to clipboard” button to copy Dropbox RSS feed to clipboard.

Go back to cloudHQ and paste Dropbox RSS feed in the specified text box. Click “Save”.

Now, you need to specify which Dropbox folders to sync with Basecamp project.

At last step, click “Start Realtime Continuous Synchronization” button which will start real time synchronization and replication between Basecamp and Dropbox.

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