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Label Sharing Is an Awesome Coaching Tool

We’ve all gotten terrible emails.

Too long, too short, angry-sounding, unclear, full of grammar errors—the mistakes come in all forms.

It’s especially bad to get a bad email from your supplier or a salesperson. In fact, if it was a from a salesperson, you would most likely never even respond.

Review Your Team’s Emails Before They Send Them Out

Here’s a simple way to coach team members or clients who need help writing better emails.

Using our free Gmail Label Sharing Chrome extension, you can easily review draft emails from your team. This process works:

Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Have Your Team Install Gmail Label Sharing

Install the free cloudHQ Gmail Label Sharing Chrome extension. Have all team members or coaching clients do the same.

Step 2: Create and Share a Gmail Label

In Gmail, create a label to share with your team.

In this example, we’ve used “Draft Emails” as the label, but you can name it anything you want:

You can also set up multiple labels for 1-on-1 coaching—if you’d prefer not to share the label with the entire team.

Click the “Share” button.

Then share the label with your team members or coaching clients.

All team members will now have full access to the label, directly from within their Gmail.

Step 3: Provide Coaching and Feedback to Email Drafts

Have your team apply the label to all client and customer service emails.

Then they can click “reply” and compose a message as usual, but save a draft of their response instead of sending it right away.

Their email draft will be accessible for both of you to review automatically through the label. Then, you can edit their emails and discuss the changes with them until they get the hang of it.

The Payoff: Better Emails = Better Business

Poorly-written emails cost you customers.

But well-written, professional emails can make you stand out from the pack.

By using Gmail Label Sharing, you can quickly help employees and clients improve their communications—and help them get better business results along the way.


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