Be Massively More Productive with Email


“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” —Peter Drucker

You probably have no idea how much time you spend on email.

That’s because you almost certainly don’t track it.

If you’re a boss or an employee, that’s time you’re wasting on a task that’s known to ruin productivity.

If you’re a freelancer or contractor, it’s even worse because that lost time is billable.

New Tool: Gmail Time Tracker

Whether you’re a boss, an employee, or a contractor, we have a new tool that can help you manage your inbox.

To use Gmail Time Tracker, just install the free Chrome extension, which only takes a moment.

Once installed, open Gmail, then read and write emails as usual. Gmail Time Tracker will run in the background, tracking your time and activity as you work.

To check your stats, just click the timer in in the upper right corner of your browser, and export to Excel or .csv file.


3 People Who Need Gmail Time Tracker

Here are three people who would benefit immediately from Gmail Time Tracker:

1. Supervisors

The average knowledge worker now spends over 20 hours a week managing email. If you’re a boss, is that really how you want your employees spending their time? Have them install Gmail Time Tracker and show you their reports. If they’re spending too much time on email, you can take steps to correct the problem.

2. Employees

If you want to be the most productive employee in your office, use Gmail Time Tracker to control or reduce the time you spend on email. You can also use the tracker if you’re overloaded and need help. The reports are an easy way to show your boss just how much time you spend on your email every week.

3. Contractors and Freelancers

It’s so easy to not bill for the time you spend on communication. Gmail Time Tracker will automatically show you how much time you spent on email from every sender, making it easy to bill each client for the time you spent on email.

Reclaim Control of Your Inbox

You can’t escape email, but you can stop it from controlling your life.

Gmail Time Tracker will give you the visibility you need to help prioritize the time you spend on your email communication.

Get Gmail Time Tracker
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