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NEW: Create a Shareable Link for Your Email Message


Let’s say you’re a salesperson who just received a $1.3 million purchase order.

You’re ecstatic. You send your supervisor who’s abroad a Skype message to let him know.

He responds and says, “Wow! Can you forward me the PO?”

But you say: “Actually, I’ll just drop a link here in the chat box.”



How to Share Email as a Link

To share emails using links, download and install our new Share Email as Link Chrome extension.

The extension is free, and is for anyone who uses Gmail.

When the extension is installed, use the link icon to create a shareable email link in your email message.




Then share the links anywhere.

Recipients can click the links to view the full text of the email. They’ll also be able to view any attachments.


Keep the Conversation Going

We all get too much email as it is.

If you prefer use Skype, Slack, text messages, or any other messaging platform, Share Email as Link lets you keep the conversation going—without reverting to forwarding email.

The next time you need to share information you received by email, don’t forward it.

Send a link instead!



Share Email as a Link
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