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Synchronize Google Docs and Dropbox easily with cloudHQ

To a student working on a term paper, a freelancer working with a virtual team, or a company managing multiple projects, Google Docs is a blessing. It allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, forms, and more. Since Google Docs is web-based, everything is saved online and makes working between different computers and devices a breeze. It’s the best way to share documents and work together “on the cloud.”

Google Docs is an excellent tool for collaboration, but it’s not really a service you can use for storage and backup. This is when most individuals and businesses opt for cloud storage services such as Dropbox. But then, Dropbox lacks the collaborative capabilities of Google Docs.

Fortunately, there’s cloudHQ for Dropbox. It’s the simplest way to integrate your Google Docs projects with Dropbox’s online storage and backup. With cloudHQ, you can keep your Google Docs synchronized with Dropbox so that you’ll always have access to your documents, wherever and whenever you need them.

Using cloudHQ chrome extension, you can manage all your Dropbox files directly from the Google Docs interface, making it easier for you to edit your files and have access to them on the cloud. cloudHQ also continuously keeps your Google Docs synchronized with your Dropbox folder, ensuring that your most important documents are backed up and safe.

Through cloudHQ, your business is always available even in unforeseen circumstances. Even if Google Docs is down, you can still access your files on Dropbox. If you’re on a computer without a Dropbox installation, you can still work on your projects through Google Docs.

cloudHQ simplifies your cloud storage management, enabling you and your organization to be more productive. Signup for the private beta of cloudHQ for Dropbox today at and be one of the first to try out the service when it’s available.

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