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The Silver Lining of Cloud Computing

It’s a cloud computing nightmare scenario; you’re presenting to a high profile client tomorrow and you just finished your report on Google Docs after an all-nighter. After leaving the office, your boss calls and has last minute changes to the contents of your report. You rush to your hotel room to make the changes, only to find out that you can’t access Google Docs through your laptop. If only you had a backup on a USB thumb drive or even better, a Dropbox folder.

Companies and individuals alike now rely on Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions more than ever. This reliance on cloud storage and tools presents the issue of the fragmentation of your work and files. Your documents are only editable on Google Docs while your files on Dropbox are not editable directly. Or when using Basecamp, you still need to have the file locally in order to upload it to Basecamp.

The solution to this problem is cloudHQ. By synchronizing yours and your company’s SaaS assets, you can work on your documents stored in Dropbox in a Google Docs interface. Not only do you solve the problem of having one or more SaaS services unavailable, you also streamline your processes and become more productive.

The nightmare scenario above could have been easily solved if you used cloudHQ to synch your Google Docs
with Dropbox and edit it locally using the editor of your choice. Be smart, synchronize and make your cloud computing solutions work better with cloudHQ. 

Try cloudHQ for SugarSync or cloudHQ for Dropbox now. Also check out the Google Chrome extensions at



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