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Top 5 Apps for Back-to-School 2022

In light of the pandemic’s impact on education last year, teachers are looking for hybrid back-to-school apps to help them teach their classes.

That’s exactly why we decided to put together a teacher’s package that’ll help any educator with their unique classroom needs.

Here’s our top 5 apps for back-to-school that’ll help you save time and stay organized, regardless of your classroom situation.


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1. Screenshot
Communicate with a visual modality.

There’s a lot of documentation about how multi-sensory learning helps all your students learn, and this is especially true for neuro-atypical children who require different learning modalities.  Using a visual screenshot in addition to your written instructions, and auditory lectures, helps you appeal to all your student learning needs and allows them to retain information better. Using Gmail Screenshot, you’ll provide a more successful back-to-school experience for your kids.

Gmail Screenshot lets you:

It makes your instructions extremely clear for anyone who sees it.

2. Meeting Scheduler
Make meetings easier to book.

Need to meet students, teachers, or parents one-on-one?

With Meeting Scheduler, you’ll be able to eliminate the back and forth of meeting time availabilities that we all get caught up in when trying to organize a meeting. Instead, just send someone a meeting link to book you at a time when you’re available.

Make it easy, and remove the friction before any of your meetings. Your meeting attendees will be glad you did!

3. MailKing
Send email or text campaign email reminders.

With MailKing, you’ll be able to send school or class newsletters, or send parents SMS notifications (great for PTA).

4. Free Email Templates
Create an email template in seconds!

One of our most highly popular apps, Free email Templates lets you create an email templates in seconds. It’s easy, and lets you makes beautiful emails.

Since this app offers you easily accessible email templates, it’s easily one of our most popular services. Don’t miss out!

5. Polls and Surveys
Find out what your students and teammates think.

Using polls helps you democratize ideas that you want to implement. You can even use polls as a way to give your kids a pop quiz, where all their answers are efficiently organized in Google Sheets, and easily calculated.

You can install all, or only one of these apps. Just click on the button below and access our education apps for getting back-to-school with ease!

Get Top 5 Education Apps
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