Top 5 Automation Tools for Successful Lawyers


Successful lawyers have a lot to accomplish in a day, and managing email should be the last thing we have to think about. But any smart lawyer knows that much of our client communication is stored there, and if we want to win cases, and get new clients too, we really need to be on top it. That’s why cloudHQ created this top 5 list that’ll help you make the most of your time, while getting the most out of your email.

Here’s a quick movie that’ll list the ones we think are best, and we’ll describe them in more detail below.

To try any of these top 5 extensions that all have freemium models, as well as upgrades for extra features, here’s a link to each of them:

  1. Save Your Emails as PDF
  2. Email Templates for Gmail
  3. Free Meeting Scheduler
  4. Gmail SMS Alerts
  5. Gmail Label and Email Sharing

Now that you’ve seen how these email automation services can work for your law firm, let’s take a deeper dive for each of these 5 services.

1. Save Your Emails to PDF

Saving your emails to PDF is great for archiving emails from old cases to keep a record of them:

  • On your hard drive
  • In a cloud storage account like Google Drive, Sharepoint, Box or Dropbox
  • Or on paper in your office

It’s also crucial to present your client’s emails in an organized way in court, and saving many emails to one neat PDF is an ideal way to do it in seconds.

Here’s how to do in 4 simple steps:

  1. Add the Google Chrome extension and then refresh your Gmail if it doesn’t do that for you automatically.
  2. Select the emails you want to save to PDF.
  3. Click on the new arrow icon in your inbox.
  4. When you click on the icon, you’ll get a drop down menu of how you want to save the emails. In this case, choose the top option.

And voila! You’re done. Your PDF will be emailed to you shortly.

2. Email Templates for Gmail

Lawyers spend a great deal of time explaining processes and procedures to clients. But with our email templates and intake form, you can have it all ready for clients when they need it.

Use our intake form for on-boarding, or prepare your own forms or boilerplates. Create newsletters, and use our free library, or you can even copy a competing lawyer’s email and use it as your own template with just a few tweaks.

3. Free Meeting Scheduler

No need to spend time scheduling meetings. Our quick-click scheduler does it for you!

Just install the extension, and then create a link to your calendar, and store that link with the calendar icon that appears at the bottom of your email.

Your correspondent clicks on the calendar icon and then has access to your schedule. The correspondent only has to pick a date and time, and it will be automatically added to both your calendars.

Our meeting scheduler also has some terrific functions:

  • It works directly with your Google calendar
  • You can provide a meeting time based on only a specific week
  • Anyone booking you can use any calendar they like, not just Google Calendar

After installing it on the Google Chrome Store, just click on the new icon on the bottom of your email, like this:

Then you’ll get a pop up that lets you set your meeting options, like this:

Just click on the “Insert Link with my Availability”, and it’ll appear as a link in your email message. No more back and forth tag!

Go ahead and give it a try today- it’s free!

4. Gmail SMS Alerts

Getting information in time is critical for a successful lawyer: Whether it’s for a trial in progress where new information could change everything, or an email from your kid’s school.

Getting an alert via SMS text with your urgent emails will make sure that you get the information you need as quickly as possible. You don’t even have to check your email – the alert appears right on your mobile phone and starts all the action.

You can have keyword-based alerts (like “urgent”), or for a reply from a specific email that you sent, or even from a specific person. In this case, I have alerts for whenever my multimedia artist, Jessica, opens my emails or replies to me.

Try it today by clicking on the button below!

5. Gmail Label and Email Sharing for Easy Collaboration

Getting the right team members working on a case right when you need them would be ideal for a busy lawyer. Now you can get them all on the same page using our Gmail Label and Email Sharing tool.

Just install our extension, and then share the emails in your Gmail label as easily as you would share folders in Google Drive. The label can be about a specific case or client. Whoever you’re sharing it with, they can see the emails in real time as they come into your Gmail label, so you never have to be the bottleneck ever again.

Once you’ve installed the extension, navigate to your Gmail Labels. Next to your Gmail Label, you’ll notice 3 vertical dots on top of one another. Click on them in order to get the popup that lets you share your label. We’ll be sharing the Gmail Label called “Tesla Project” for this example:

After selecting”Share label”, you’ll get a popup that looks like this. Just type in the email addresses of the people you want to invite, and share your email label. 🙂

This really speeds up workflow, so install it by clicking on the blue button below.

cloudHQ understands the needs of the legal industry, and is here to support you so that you can perform your very best.


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