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Why Should You Backup Your Google Docs Files?

Why should I keep a backup of my Google Docs documents? They’re stored on Google’s cloud servers so they’re completely safe, right? Even if my computer breaks down due to power outage, disk failure or natural disasters, my documents will still be on the Google servers safe and sound. While these statements may be true in most cases, data loss is not limited to computer failure or disasters.

Research has shown that the leading cause of data loss is not hardware or software failure, not even natural disasters – human error has been found to be more prone to loss of important data than any factor. So while your data may be secure on Google Docs, there is a significant chance that you may lose your most important reports, documents and other assets due to human error. A recent global survey on the causes of data loss by Kroll Ontrack® found that 40% of home, business, government, and channel users of information technology believe that human error is the leading cause of data loss.

Imagine this scenario – as an entrepreneur, you manage a virtual team remotely via Google Docs. All your important documents are stored online so that your virtual team can collaborate and work effectively without having to micromanage them. All is fine until one day; a member of your team accidentally deletes your 52-page report or accounting sheet. It could be because your team member thought it was a different file or just pressed the delete button by mistake – in any case, all the hours spent on your work on Google Docs has gone to waste because of human error.

This is why keeping a backup of your Google Docs files is important. You can export and save your files locally, but why do it manually when you can synchronize and backup your important Google Docs files automatically via cloudHQ? By using cloudHQ, your documents are periodically backed up and stored from Google Docs and Basecamp to your Dropbox storage. Or cloudHQ can even continuously synchronize Google Docs and Basecamp to your Dropbox storage.

No need to worry about your documents deleted by accident or maliciously – cloudHQ has you covered.

Try cloudHQ today at and keep your files safe.

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