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Backup Evernote to Google Drive And Keep It Safe

backup your evernote to google drive

Are you worried about having a backup of your Evernote in a safe place? We can understand that. Here’s a way to keep a copy of all your Evernote notes continuously backed up to your Google Drive.

All your notes will be converted to read/write, fully-searchable Google Docs, making them easily available and backed up.

If you stay under Google’s 15GB limit, you can do this without a premium plan. And there is no two-device limit (as there will be for Evernote’s new free plan).

The process takes about three minutes.

If you stay with the free versions of Evernote and Google Drive, there is no cost to migrate your data or use the service.

It is the easiest way to keep all your notes in another service like Google Drive while maintaining full access to all the data you have in Evernote today.

Here’s how to do it:

First, Drop to 2 Devices in Evernote

Before you do anything, if you’re keeping a free Evernote plan, you’ll need to de-authorize all but two of your devices.

In Evernote, go to your account settings page, then click “Devices” in the upper left corner.

Then revoke access for your devices until you have two left:





Next, Sync Evernote to Google Drive in Under 1 Minute

Here’s how to sync Evernote to Google Drive.

  1. Go to the cloudHQ page and sign up if you don’t already have an account. It’s free.





  1. Follow the wizard to create a free cloudHQ account.




  1. Click on “Add Evernote”


  1. Authorize your Evernote account, and then click Evernote, and then “Select” on the bottom:





  1. Click on “Add Google Drive” and authorize cloudHQ by allowing us to copy your Evernote account to your Google Drive.





  1. Choose to save your Evernote account to new Google Drive folder or an existing one. For this example, I’ll create a new one and name it “how to backup evernote to google drive“, and then I’ll click on “Create”:





  1. Go through your synchronization options, and select “Start Sync” at the bottom.





  1. Done!





With this set up, cloudHQ will backup all your past Evernote notes, but will also automatically backup any future Evernote notes to your Google Drive account without you having to do anything else.


Backup Evernote to Google Drive


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