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cloudHQ Now Supports Multiple Export Formats For Evernote

Just a short update about exciting new improvements to our Evernote sync and backup. 

We are pleased to introduce a new synchronization and backup option for Evernote that enables you to export Evernote notes into multiple different formats. 

The following formats are supported:

  1. Text: Evernote notes are exported into plain text so they can be viewed and edited with any text editor.
  2. Open Document Format for Office Applications: Evernote notes are exported into ODT format so you can edit your files using free LibreOffice office applications.
  3. Microsoft Word Format: Evernote notes are exported into MS Word format.
  4. Google Docs Format: If you are syncing with Google Drive, cloudHQ can also export your Evernote notes into Google Docs format so you can edit then directly from a Google Docs interface.
  5. Adobe PDF: de-facto standard for electronic document exchange.
  6. Evernote ENEX format (Evernote’s archive format): so the note can be opened and edited by any Evernote client software.
These new capabilities gives you a more flexible way to backup or two-way sync all your Evernote notes with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or SugarSync. For example, you can edit and search your Evernote notes in Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or SugarSync using any plain text editor or free LibreOffice office applications. Or you can easily restore your note by just clicking on the ENEX version of your note stored in Dropbox. 

You can easily configure these new export options by opening the cloudHQ Synchronization Console and clicking on the “Modify” link underneath your synchronization pair. 

You can also find some additional instructions on how to set up sync between Evernote and other services on the following page: 

If you need help setting up the sync or if you have any other questions, please contact us at


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