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Create Beautiful Emails with One Click in Google Docs


We love Gmail.

We don’t love formatting emails in Gmail.

For some reason, Google hasn’t made it easy to create good-looking, nicely-formatted emails using Gmail.

So… we built a free Chrome extension to fix that.

Format a Message, Newsletter, or Report in Google Docs, Then Import Directly to Gmail

It only takes one click.

Build your message, newsletter, or report in a Google Doc.

Then click the Open In Gmail button in the top right corner of your document.





And voilà!

Your message will import into a perfectly-formatted Gmail message.





Make your newsletter, click a button, add your distribution list, and send!

That’s all there is to it.

Convert Google Docs to Gmail is 100% Free

Convert Docs to Gmail is the best way we know to create beautifully formatted emails in Gmail.

It’s also 100% free for anyone using Gmail or Google Apps.


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