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Do you need to backup your Google Docs?

Why do I need to backup my Google Docs? Data stored in Google Docs is absolutely safe. I can be pretty much 100% sure that Google will not lose any of my documents due to power outage, natural disaster, or failed disk.

However, research has shown that the leading cause of data loss is human error. Not natural disaster or hardware failure.

So your Google Docs files can be deleted or corrupted accidentally – or some cases maliciously (maybe disgruntled employee or even partner)! And Google offers no protection for these kind of events.

Back in 1990, Charles B. Perrow, noted organizational theorist and sociologist, wrote in his book “Normal Accidents: Living with High-Risk Technologies” that operators and people operating the data are blamed for disasters and data lost in 60% to 80% of the time.

According to a recent global survey on the causes of data loss, Kroll Ontrack®, found 40 percent of home, business, government and channel users of information technology believe human error is the leading cause of data loss.

According to the same research, surprisingly, 18 percent of users who lost some data “did not know” how their data loss occurred.

This is not really a surprising fact: when you lose something due to accidental deleting of it you are probably assuming you were deleting correct files and data.

Here are some real posts from Google Help Forums:

There are many more… just search Google Forums.. In many cases even for Google it is impossible to recover your data…

That is why we added a backup feature to service and to for SugarSync.

For example, for Sugarsync will continuously backup your Google Docs to SugarSync cloud storage, and then, magically, SugarSync will resync all these Google Docs files to your desktop.

If you are interested go to to try our Google Docs backup to SugarSync.

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