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As we all know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Applying for a job, reaching out to new talent, or any other situation where you want to get noticed should be easy by now.

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Did you know that if you send an email in Gmail, it can often render in varying font sizes from other email clients, like MS Office 365?

For example, here’s an email that I thought I sent:



But this is actually what displayed in another email client:



The font size changes, sometimes the color changes too; and it just looks like I put no effort into it.

What if I had sent this to a new partner- or worse, a new prospect?

We here at cloudHQ decided to put an end to this problem with our free Chrome extension: Gmail Email Templates.

Now, you can send HTML emails that never have any formatting issues, and keep them looking professional. Whether it be for job hunting, cold calls, or even community newsletters, our Gmail templates have you covered.



There are now over 30 new email templates for you to choose from, allowing your emails to look beautiful and professional. Our service is free, and is as easy as to use as a click of a button.

Install our Chrome extension, Gmail Email Templates, and make your first impression a great one.


Free Gmail Email Templates


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