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Gmail Label Sharing

We’re Announcing Gmail Label Sharing

Here at cloudHQ, we’ve proudly built solid technology to help you collaborate really easily with your teams, and make sure you have a safe copy of all your work backed up in a separate cloud. Thanks to you, we’ve grown to synchronizing over 5 millions files everyday!

While synchronizing so many files, we noticed that our clients who use us for project management, product support assignment, and lead management, often sync us to their Gmail labels. It was then that we realized that email is very much the king of communication for most businesses; in most cases, it’s their workflow backbone.

The main gripe that we have with email, is that it never fully integrated with the cloud. Email is cumbersome, and is yet irrationally adopted across all companies. Workflow-wise, it lacks the ability to:

  1. Delegate received emails to someone else or teams
  2. Share drafts
  3. Control who sees certain emails
  4. Collaborate in any meaningful way (sending email vs. a shared folder, for example)

We felt like it was time that email should be reinvented. Using Gmail label sharing increases your team collaboration. You can even use it through a nifty Google Chrome extension which makes sharing simple — the way it should have always been! 


Gmail Label Sharing with cloudHQ

How To Use Gmail Label Sharing

Gmail label sharing is the easiest way to communicate because it’s the lowest common denominator that anyone knows how to use. Take your mother, for example — she may not be the best Slack user, but you can bet that she knows how to use email (especially when she sends you those guilt emails because she hasn’t seen you in so long – but I digress). Working with outside collaborators who are overseas or students, clients, partners… they all use email. And what’s worse, is that a lot of information is stored in email.

1. Onboarding New Employees

Let’s say a new employee is hired to work on a project at your company. She needs to quickly get up to speed with projects and previous communications. Maybe you have an awesome CRM — and maybe you don’t. If you don’t, you can easily get around it. Here’s how:

Step 1: Create a Gmail label from a client or a project, and Gmail will automatically go through all your emails and file them into your Gmail label.

Step 2: Install the app and share that Gmail label with your team, and any of your new hires. Your new hires will have all emails pertaining to a client or a project in their Gmail, with all metadata so they can easily use the handy Google search feature as they see fit.


2. Customer Support / Lead Management

Shared Gmail labels uniquely lets your team take care of outstanding customer support issues right from their inbox. Here’s how:

  1. Create a Gmail label, and call it “Support”.
  2. Under the label “Support“, create sub-labels:
    1. Status: New
    2. Status: Assigned: Jack”, ““Status:Assigned: Alan” and ““Status: Assigned: Leela”.
    3. Status: Done” to mark closed queries.
  3. Share your gmail label “Support“ with your support team: Alan, Jack and Leela.
  4. Add a Gmail label for each of your support members and label it with “task” and their names.
    1. For example: “Task: Alan
    2. Then you can add an email query to assign it to Alan. Alan is notified anytime he has a new task.

Note: Alan can add the label “Status: Done” when the query is closed.

  1. Then you can use cloudHQ to sync these emails to Google Docs and have one location to easily be able to address Support Tickets with the team.


1. Who can I share Gmail labels with?

You can use cloudHQ to share Gmail labels between any number of Gmail and Google Apps for Work users.

2. Do Shared Labels work from email clients like Outlook, iPhone client etc.?

Yes. We simply share your ‘native’ Gmail labels with another email address. Sharing works no matter which email client is being used. Shared Gmail labels work in Outlook,, Android, iPhone, and more!

3. Can Sub-Labels be Shared As Well?

Absolutely. cloudHQ automatically detects existing sub-labels that are nested under labels, and shares them under the parent label with whoever you choose to share it with.

4. How reliable is it?

Our Gmail label sharing is 100% reliable. Sign up now!

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