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Get Unlimited Devices on Your Free Evernote Account

Upset that Evernote is limiting your free account to 2 devices?

What should you use instead? How are you supposed to move all your data out of Evernote?

As you think about your options, here’s an alternative you might not have considered:

Keep your Evernote account, and create another Evernote account too.

By creating two free Evernote accounts, you can use up to 4 devices. In fact, you can even have 6 devices if you add a third Evernote account, and so on.

Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Sign up for another Gmail address

All you really need is a different email address than what you used to sign up for your first Evernote account with. And since Gmail is free and makes it so easy to create a new email address, this is a simple step.





Step 2: De-Authorize Evernote to 2 Devices

Next, you’ll need to de-authorize all but two of your devices.

In Evernote, go to your account settings page, then click “Devices” in the upper left corner.Then revoke access for your devices until you have two left:





Step 3: Sign up for another Evernote account with your new Gmail address

Sign out of your current Evernote account, and sign up for a new account. Add another 2 devices to that account.





Step 4: Sync your Evernote accounts cloudHQ

Sync your two Evernote accounts, and you’ll immediately have access to your accounts on 4 devices, through cloudHQ. Just repeat steps 1-3 until you’ve added all the devices you want to add. You can still access your Evernote accounts natively through cloudHQ.




You will notice that your new Evernote account can be found in your other Evernote account as a Notebook. You can log in with one account on 2 of your devices, and with your other Evernote account on your two other devices. Both of your Evernote accounts are accessible, and whatever note you put in one, will automatically be in the other.



Keep Your Love for Evernote

We believe in simplicity, and we would be sad to leave Evernote- it is such a great service. With this workaround, you can still use Evernote the way that you want to, and without any device limitation issues.


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