Google Drive Down For Almost An Entire Workday

Google Drive Down For Almost An Entire Workday

Google Drive had a humbling service disruption yesterday for the majority of its users, whereby virtually no one was able to access any of their important documents.  The disruption included their popular services such as Google Docs, Drive, Slides, as well as Sheets. When users tried to access their documents, they saw a blank page with a “500 server” error on it.

It took Google nearly 6 hours to repair their popular cloud service. Here’s a screenshot of  what we saw when we tried to access our Google Apps status page:

This is their second service disruption this week – their last disruption was on 10/21/14 from 7:07 PM until midnight.

If your business depends on cloud services, these kind of service disruptions are costing you money.  For example, if your Salesforce records have links to Google documents, and your sales meeting just started, you’ll be missing out on critical information to make any kind of informed decision.

In light of these constant service disruptions, you might think that the only solution is to use another cloud service. But NO – that’s actually the wrong approach because all cloud services have bugs and service disruptions. It’s normal. Just last week Dropbox admitted that their service was deleting data by mistake. By mistake!

So what’s the solution if we can expect service disruptions across all cloud services?

cloudHQ. And use it to setup a standby system for your Google Drive.

The best way to avoid cloud service disruptions is to set up a standby replica of your Google Drive accounts with cloudHQ, a highly reliable sync service that many companies like HP, Gartner, and JC Penney have come to rely on. All you have to do to ensure your company’s service protection is to setup a sync of your Google Drive with another service like SharePoint, Egnyte, Box, or Dropbox. That way, when Google Drive has another service disruption, you can easily access your data in another cloud service without missing a beat. cloudHQ can even replicate all of your Google Docs, sheets, and presentations into a Microsoft Office format so that you can even access your important documents even if Google is completely down.

And since cloudHQ’s syncs are a real-time replica of your documents,  you can switch over to your other standby system cloud service knowing that this is the latest version of your company’s work.

Start your setup now with our wizard by clicking here:

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