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How Sales Teams Use Gmail Labels to Close More Deals

Recently we heard about how the company Rentec Direct was using cloudHQ’s Gmail Label Sharing Chrome extension to dramatically improve how they responded to inbound leads.

Rentec Direct sells property management software. Janell Kittleson is affectionately known as their “Master of Sales”. Here’s how she described their sales team’s old process:

“Prior to cloudHQ, incoming leads and sales correspondence that fell out of our CRM. We would forward emails back and forth between sales members to make sure we were all ‘in the know.’”

“With varying work schedules and staff responsibilities, this sometimes meant waiting until another team member was able to log into their email account and begin forwarding messages that had been sitting in their inbox.”

“In sales, the early bird gets the worm, so this was not a successful solution.”

Label Sharing Eliminates Endless Back and Forth Emails

Forwarding emails back and forth is a sign of a broken process — and an opportunity for improvement.

This is especially true when different members of your team are in different locations or work different hours.

Gmail label sharing puts an end to all those back and forth emails.

There are two options to set up Gmail Label Sharing for your team

Option 1: IT Admin Setup

If you’re an IT Admin, you can set up Gmail label sharing across your entire company, handpicking each user that can have access.

That way, your users won’t have to set up the label sharing on their own — and you won’t have to troubleshoot if they have problems.

You can see full instructions for IT admin setup here: Full Gmail Label Sharing Control for Admins.

Option 2: Have Team Members Install Label Sharing

To have team members install Gmail label sharing, have them follow these instructions:

Step 1: Have each team member create a Gmail label for their lead and prospect messages:





Step 2: Have everyone install cloudHQ’s free Gmail Label Sharing Chrome extension:





Step 3: Team members will share their label with everyone on the sales team:





Step 4: Use filters to apply labels to prospect communications:

You can route all inbound email to the label, or use rules to apply the label only to certain messages.





The Payoff

Once you’ve implemented Gmail Label Sharing, lead and prospect messages from your CRM will never be “trapped” in a team member’s email.

And you won’t have to forward emails back and forth to stay up to date.

If an email comes to a team member who’s not currently working, other team members can step in and answer the email directly.





The result?

Our customer said it best:

“Each team member understands the sorting policies we have regarding leads. We no longer have to wait for one person to delegate activity. I can tell that we will discover more ways we can use this tool than our initial impetus.”


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