How To Run Multiple Dropbox Accounts On The Same Computer

Dropbox is currently the best cloud storage solution and many people take advantage of its many useful features including the easy file sharing feature. But some people want to use multiple Dropbox accounts and link them together. Perhaps you have a business Dropbox account and a personal Dropbox account and want to link them together. Unfortunately, Dropbox does not support this feature at this time. The only advice Dropbox gives us is to create shared folders between your own two accounts. There are ways to run two separate Dropbox accounts by using two different Windows 7 users but this can create problems on several different levels.

Another reason you may want to use multiple Dropbox accounts is because there have been instances of data loss in Dropbox and most companies and individuals cannot deal with data loss, especially if that data is lost forever and cannot be recovered. So if you can link two accounts together, you will have a continuous backup of all data. If you were to experience a data loss on your original Dropbox account, you will still have a complete backup of all your data on the secondary account. So as you can see, there are several reasons that having two Dropbox accounts linked together would be useful.

How to link two Dropbox accounts together with sync

Once you have decided that you do need multiple Dropbox accounts linked together, there is a simple solution. CloudHQ will sync all of your data between the multiple accounts and cloudHQ’s replication is continuous and automatic so it runs silently in the background continuously replicating all changes between the accounts.

I’ll give you an example and show you how step-by-step exactly how easy it is to set up the sync between multiple Dropbox accounts using cloudHQ. Let’s say that you want to sync your business Dropbox account into a dedicated account folder in your private Dropbox account – so that even if you’re on your home computer, you will still be able to access your work documents. Follow these few steps and it will be set up within a few minutes.

1    Signup or sign in to cloudHQ and go to the sync wizard.
2    Drag the Dropbox icon into empty box on the left.

3    Select “Add Dropbox.”
4    Login into your Dropbox work account.
5    Select the entire account.
6    Drag Dropbox icon into empty box on the right.

7    Select “Add Dropbox.”
8    Login into your Dropbox private account and click on authorize.
9    Create a folder “Dropbox Work” and click on “Select ».”

10    Start the sync.

It really is that simple and you will have a continuous replication of all data between the two accounts. So now you have your work Dropbox account and your personal Dropbox account linked, you can access the data from both at any time, and you will always have a backup of your data in case data loss were to occur in one of the accounts.

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