How Your Business Can Benefit from Sharepoint and cloudHQ

Microsoft SharePoint’s solution enhances both internet and intranet sharing and collaboration in any enterprise by:

  1. Simplifying where to store content,
  2. Has advanced search capabilities, and
  3. Gathers business intelligence easily.

Main benefits of using cloudHQ with Sharepoint:

cloudHQ consolidates your entire cloud to Sharepoint, and can also backup your Sharepoint to other cloud storage services, synchronized in real-time.

These are the cloud services we backup to Sharepoint:

Evernote Onenote OneDrive Gmail
Dropbox Box Salesforce Basecamp
Google Apps Google Drive Egnyte Sugar Sync
  • Note: This is not a simple backup. We accomplish this with a Sharepoint sync, which means that if you back up a document from Salesforce to Sharepoint, you can still change that Salesforce document and those changes will be automatically reflected in your Sharepoint
  • Prior to any file changes, we’ve arranged for an archive folder to ensure safe backup of your cloud to Sharepoint in case of accidental or malicious deletions.
  • You can have offline access to Sharepoint documents by synching  Sharepoint with OneDrive via cloudHQ.
  • When you sync Sharepoint with your cloud, you can choose if it’s going to be a one-way or a two-way sync. A one-way sync is a backup of your cloud to Sharepoint.  When you 2-way sync, you allow Sharepoint to be accessible through other cloud services. This is helpful for:
    1) Your salespeople’s access to their Sharepoint documents while they’re in Salesforce.
    2) Your management team’s access to a Sharepoint document while they are on an off-site location using Evernote on their mobile devices
    3) Your Project Managers’ access to Sharepoint documents directly in their Basecamp project folder, etc.


Did you know? We already sync over 1 billion files a day, and never keep your data on our servers, which leaves you with a secure cloud sync. So what are you waiting for? Sync your cloud now!

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