Is your data safe in the ‘cloud’? (San Jose Mercury News)

Check this interesting article in yesterday’s San Jose Mercury News.

Here are some excerpts:

Even though those companies are far from perfect, they’re a lot better at storing and backing up files than I am.


There is the possibility of a software glitch or a piece of malware destroying your files. And there’s human error. Even if you don’t experience a hard drive failure, there is the possibility of accidentally erasing a file.

Actually, according to recent research, in 40% of all cases human error is to blame for data loss.

Then article says something interesting:

One option for Gmail users is to back up your e-mail to another Web-based service like Microsoft Hotmail, since the odds of both losing your data are next to nothing. 

The above approach is a little clumsy, but the idea is correct.

We believe that using multiple cloud services is the best solution to protect your cloud data. In other words, store your data in your favorite cloud service and then synchronize it with multiple cloud services. The beauty of this approach is that data is in form which can be easily consumable and recoverable without the need for a lengthy and complicated restoration process.

This is also great approach for collaboration (i.e.,  edit file in Google Docs and edited files magically appear as a Basecamp project attachment or in your Dropbox folder), but it is also great for data protection.

That is one of many reasons why we are developing synchronization of multiple cloud services.

Check it out: or

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