New! Mobile Email Templates for Gmail

free mobile email templates by cloudHQ from google marketplace

Now you can use mobile email templates from the Gmail app on your phone.

You don’t need to hire a graphic designer to send beautifully designed emails from your phone. If your company uses Gmail as its email provider, you can access hundreds of mobile email templates directly from the Gmail app on your phone or mobile device.

It’s perfect for:

  • Salespeople
  • Real estate professionals
  • Customer support agents
  • Development professionals
  • Recruiters

Anyone who uses Gmail for work can use our free mobile email templates. Here’s how they work:



Install the Mobile Gmail Templates App from the Google Workspace Marketplace

To use Gmail templates on your phone or mobile device, start by installing the Mobile Gmail Templates app from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

How to Insert a Gmail Template

After you’ve activated Mobile Gmail Templates, open your inbox using the Gmail app on your mobile device. Then, create a new email message.

In the upper right of your screen, click the three dots:

Then choose “Insert from Templates by cloudHQ”:

You’ll have your choice of hundreds of mobile email templates, including designs for:

  • Business
  • Sales
  • eCards
  • Education
  • Holidays
  • Invites
  • Job seekers
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Online classes
  • Real estate
  • Reminders
  • Stationery

Any template you choose can be inserted and sent directly from your phone — no designer needed!

Templates In Action: Using a Template for a Sales Prospect

Let’s look at a specific example of how you can use mobile email templates in real life.

Say you’re a salesperson and you have a good relationship with one of your clients. You had a call scheduled for today, but the client emailed you to cancel. It’s his birthday, and his friends are taking him out to dinner.

You really like this client, so you click “reply” from the Gmail app on your mobile phone.

Instead of sending a simple text-based email, you decide to send him a birthday message and a promise to follow up later in the week.

I choose a template, add a short message, then click “Send” like I would with any other email.

It’s a quick and thoughtful way to make my client feel appreciated.

Free Gmail Templates for Your Desktop and Your Mobile Devices

cloudHQ’s Mobile Email Templates work seamlessly with our desktop application: Gmail Email Templates, which you can install for free from the Chrome Web Store.

A low cost premium subscription is also available, which will give you access to hundreds of additional template designs in the both the mobile and desktop applications.

Try Mobile Email Templates for Gmail!

The best thing about Mobile Gmail Templates? You can start using them in just a few seconds—for free!

As soon as you activate the app from the Google Workspace Marketplace, mobile email templates will be available in your Gmail app in just a few seconds.

Try it for yourself today!

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