Upload Dropbox photos to Google+ via cloudHQ

As you’ve probably noticed, Dropbox now automatically uploads all your photos from your iPhone to your Dropbox folder under ‘Camera Uploads’:


Now, with cloudHQ, you can automatically upload all your photos to Google Drive so all these photos are available in Google+ (which is a great lifehack!).

Just go to https://www.cloudhq.net/synch_wizard and establish a sync configuration to sync your Dropbox ‘Camera Uploads’ folder with a Google Drive collection (just create a dedicated collection in Google Drive for Dropbox photos – name it something like ‘Camera Uploads from Dropbox’):

Now, cloudHQ will continuously copy all your Dropbox photos to Google Drive and all these photos will be available in your Google Plus account:

  • Click in the Google+ sharebox to create a new post
  • Click the camera icon, then select From Google Drive
  • Choose photos from My Drive and select collection ‘Camera Uploads from Dropbox’

Once you’ve selected your favorite shots, just pick the circles you want to share with, and you’re done!

Simplicity at its finest! 🙂

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