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NEW: Attach A Cloud File Directly From Your Gmail

There are over 900 million daily active users currently using Gmail. It’s a simple and intuitive email platform, and it happens to have an impeccably great integration with Google Drive, a collaborative office suite that often competes against Microsoft Office 365. Unfortunately, there are only 240 million daily active users using Google Drive, which means that there are 660 million users who are using Gmail, but not Google Drive. So, if you’re one of those users who don’t use Google Drive but you use Gmail, you don’t really benefit from this integration… and we’re here to assure you that you’re not alone.

Many organizations choose to use other primary cloud platforms like Box, Dropbox, or Egnyte, but still rely on Gmail as their email platform. In this case, employees usually need to download files to their desktop, and then send it out by uploading it into Gmail. It’s a tiresome process to go through, just so that you can attach a file in Gmail to send it to someone.

cloudHQ is a Google Chrome extension that offers file attachment support for platforms like Box, Egnyte, Google Apps, Office 365, Dropbox, Evernote, Salesforce and more. The extension works exactly as you’d expect it to in just a few easy steps.

  1. Step 1: Install the Google Chrome Extension

    1. From within Chrome, click on the extension link

    2. Click Add To Chrome

    3. From the popup, click “Add”

  2. Step 2: Composing your email with an attachment:

    1. When composing your email, attach any of your files from Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, etc. by clicking on the cloudHQ icon button directly from your email:

    2. A popup window will appear where you can intuitively navigate your cloud platforms for the files or folders you want to attach in your email, like so:

    3. The shared link to a file or folder then gets attached to the message just like any other file attachment

    4. Send your email!

    If you’re looking for the fastest way to attach files in outgoing Gmail, from your any of cloud accounts ─ our chrome extension is it. Whether you’re using Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, or ChromeOS ─ this extension has you covered.

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