How To Backup Your Email in Seconds


We sometimes act like our email is a permanent resource for us to keep some of our most valuable information.

The problem?

There are SO many ways you could potentially lose access to your account.

Perhaps you work in sales, and your history and contacts are extremely important to you. But if you change companies tomorrow, you could lose everything.

Hackers are everywhere too, and they often target Google accounts, as we’ve been reminded again recently.

This is why you should consider creating a backup for your emails in case something ever happens. Once you set it up, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

Here’s what to do in 3 simple steps:

1. Download “Save and Backup My Emails”

Go the Chrome Store and download cloudHQ’s Chrome extension Save and Backup My Emails.

2. Click on “Backup all emails”

After you installed “Save and Backup My Emails”, a button should appear on the top of your inbox main home page called “Backup all emails”.

Click on it.

3. Download your Emails

cloudHQ will start saving all of your emails in PDF format to make it easy for you to search through them when you need to. This also includes any attachments or conversation threads, too- so it’s a really thorough solution.

You’ll get an email from cloudHQ when we’re done saving all of your emails to PDF (usually a few minutes to a few hours depending on how many emails you have) , where you can download them to your USB key or your computer’s hard drive, and actually have the satisfaction of knowing that your information is literally in your hands.

Having an Email Backup Keeps You in Control

I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to keep your emails in a separate location than your inbox.

Creating a backup of your emails will keep you in control if:

  1. You leave your job
  2. Your name changes (through marriage, divorce, etc.)
  3. You switch email hosting services and need a new account
  4. You upgrade to a hosted email address instead of using a free “” email
  5. You get hacked and need to delete your old account

All of this can be done in just 2 clicks using the Save and Backup my Emails extension and completing the instructions above.

Save and Backup My Emails
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