How To Synchronize Dropbox With Your Chromebook

Chromebooks are great laptops but how can you access your Dropbox files in your Chromebook?

What makes Chromebooks so great?

Chromebooks are lightweight notebooks based on Google Chrome OS that make life
easier on those of us who expect more than tables but less than heavy typical netbooks based on Microsoft Windows OS. Typical PC netbooks are highly susceptible to viruses and attacks and must be constantly updated by the latest security patches from Microsoft and other software vendors. Chromebooks, however, are much more secure and hassle-free. No more annoying updates – everything is in the cloud!

And with the recent drop in price, this makes the Chromebook all that more appealingas a matter of fact, the latest Chromebook release sells for under $250. The Chromebook comes with thousands of apps and free Google Apps suite.

The Chromebook starts in a flash, backs up all of your data in the cloud and then protects it with built-in virus protection. It is definitely the ideal device for getting things done on the go, everywhere you go.

So what’s the disadvantage of Chromebooks?

Well, as you know, the Chromebook is based completely in the cloud so there is no local storage in the sense we have become used to with Windows operating systems. The Chrome operating system (OS) is a cloud OS so your storage is actually Google Drive. So if you frequently receive files through Dropbox or if you use other cloud services (like Basecamp or Evernote), how can you get these files transferred onto your Chromebook Google Drive account?

What’s the solution?

CloudHQ is the solution to this problem. CloudHQ replicates and syncs your Google Drive data (which is used by the Chromebook) with Dropbox. Any files that your friends, clients, coworkers, employers or family share with you through Dropbox will instantly become available to your Google Drive account.

Here is how it works:

As soon as someone shares a file with you through Dropbox, cloudHQ automatically uploads that file into your Google Drive account and it will then be available to you on your Chromebook. This also produces a safe and secure backup of your Google Drive used by Chromebook. If anything happens to your Google Drive account (accidental, wrongful or malicious deletion) your files can completely and easily be restored through Dropbox.

But why choose cloudHQ?

CloudHQ is the market leader in cloud-to-cloud replication. CloudHQ provides superior synchronization, replication and data loss prevention services for cloud data and currently replicates more than 3 MILLION files per day. There’s no need to miss out on your files from Dropbox- cloudHQ provides a fast, easy service that runs in the background so you are never hassled or annoyed.


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